Buzz B Gone Review: All You Need To Know



If you’re looking at the BuzzBGone product and wondering whether it’s right for you and your circumstances, we’re going to cover all you need to know about it – and more! Read on to find out how BuzzBGone works and whether it is the product for you.

This BuzzBGone review is going to explain how the BuzzBGone product works and what it does.

What Is BuzzBGone?

BuzzBGone is a product designed as an insect zapper. The mosquito zapper purpose is to attract and kill insects that are flying around and bothering you. We all know that insects are major nuisances, and they can be more than that – some insects can carry diseases such as the West Nile virus and the Zika virus. That makes them a health hazard that you do not want to ignore.

Other people are allergic to bug bites, and this can make summer gatherings a misery. If you don’t want to end up covered in itchy and painful swellings or worse, you have to wear long sleeves, long pants, and hope your face and hands aren’t too attractive. That is not fun when it’s hot out.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many effective ways to deter insects. You can use repellent sprays, but these are often sticky and unpleasant, and they don’t stop bugs from trying to fly into your mouth, hair, food, and drinks. They also wear off, so you have to remember to keep applying them.

There are plenty of reasons to not want insects around, even if they are only an annoyance and not a threat. If you’re having trouble with flying bugs, the BuzzBGone zap is perfect for you. Carry on reading this BuzzBGone review to understand why.

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Is BuzzBGone Legit?

Yes, this bug zapper works to get rid of bugs that might be flying around you in the evenings or even during the day. If you spend any amount of time outside and you find yourself irritated by flying bugs, BuzzBGone zap is the perfect solution to your problem.

Say goodbye to mosquito bites and the irritation of moths, gnats, and other troublesome bugs with this nifty piece of equipment. You can join the multiple other purchasers who have left a BuzzBGone review to thank them for the relief this product has brought! The BuzzBe Gone is popular, and it’s pretty clear why.

How Does BuzzBGone Work?

BuzzBGone works by using a light to attract bugs to it at night. We all know that lights confuse and draw in insects of all kinds, luring them toward the brightness. This is usually frustrating, because we tend to be wherever the lights are, and we don’t want the insects flying around us.

Short of turning the lights off, there’s not much we can do, so it’s an ongoing war between our need to see and our desire not to be munched or harassed by winged creatures.

Using the BuzzBGone zap, however, we can turn that attraction to our own advantage. A 360 degree fan turns around, shooing the insects toward the ultraviolet light. They are sucked in by the movement of the blades, meaning they can’t change course at the last moment.

An electric coil at the center then zaps the bugs as they come into line with the current, and they die. This is a perfect way to kill mosquitoes, moths, gnats, and flying bugs of all kinds.

The Buzz B Gone device is highly portable as well. This mosquito zapper is ideal for putting in your bag and taking to the beach, because it has a rechargeable battery, so you can easily charge it up at home before you head out for a great evening.


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Does BuzzBGone Really Work?

We all know how easily outdoor fun can be ruined by pesky flying insects zipping around and trying to eat you. This bug zapper is an ideal way to deal with that, and it really does work. The suction fan helps to trap the bugs, pulling them in so that they can’t keep fluttering around your head or suddenly change direction to get away from the device.

The coil then does the rest, and it should handle any insect because it works well.

BuzzBGone has plenty of positive reviews as well as this Buzz B Gone review. There are a lot of people who have found that they suffer from fewer mosquito bites whenever they use it, and that there are fewer flying insects around once this has been hung up nearby.

Even bugs and mosquitoes that aren’t killed by the Buzz B Gone device will be attracted to the UV light, so as long as you place and use Buzz B Gone mosquito zapper a little distance from where you are sitting, this insect zapper will keep bugs away from you. However, most won’t manage to avoid its zap for long, so on the whole, it should take care of any bugs in the vicinity.

You’ll be the most popular person in the group if you bring a mosquito killing device along to any beach party or outdoor get together, and the Buzz B Gone mosquito zapper won’t let you down! Just charge it up and tuck it in your bag, and enjoy everyone appreciating your forethought and organization!


BuzzBGone Features And Benefits

No Buzz B Gone review would be complete without a full list of the features that the product offers, so let’s look at what the Buzz B Gone has and how it can help you!

  • A rechargeable battery, offering the ultimate portability. This is crucial for a device that you want to take just about everywhere.
  • A 30 day money back guarantee, so you know you’re safe to buy and try.
  • A 360 degree fan to push bugs into the device and deal with them effectively.
  • An electric coil to kill the bugs quickly and efficiently.
  • A simple rotary switch to turn the device on, activating the UV light and the fans ready for use.
  • A UV light to lure bugs close enough to the device for the suction fan to take effect.
  • Absolutely no chemicals that will hurt you, your pets, or the planet.
  • A useful loop so that you can hang it up wherever you need it, and attract bugs upward away from you and your friends. It will also stand on any surface if you have no place to hang it up, and it is very stable.
  • A micro USB for convenient charging and portability.
  • A little brush for cleaning the suction fan blades after use, meaning you don’t have to find any other tool to deal with yucky insect remains.


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How Is BuzzBGone Better Compared To Competitors?

Many Buzz B Gone review pages show just how effective this product is, especially when compared to the competition. They say that mosquito bites are pretty much eradicated, and that purchasers have had great success in keeping all kinds of insects at bay with the UV light without using harmful chemicals.

The Buzz B Gone uses a micro USB for charging, making it super convenient for users who are on the go. You don’t have to wire the Buzz B Gone insect zapper up to your home and then find yourself frustrated at beach parties and camping trips because you’re deprived of your mosquito killing device. You can take the Buzz B Gone mosquito trap with you wherever you go! For those days with hot weather but you want to be outdoors, you can match it with a portable air conditioner like Arctic Air Pure Chill portable ac.

It also has a very simple to use switch on the top, meaning anyone can operate the product with no need for an instruction manual, and no chance of doing it wrong. Once the switch has been turned, the product is ready to go!

There’s little doubt that the Buzz B Gone outstrips the competition in terms of convenience and design, and the Buzz B Gone review pages demonstrate just how much of a difference it can make to people’s lives. If you’ve ever woken up itchy all over because of a biting bloodsucker getting into your bedroom, you will really appreciate this scratch-saving device.


Where Can I Use BuzzBGone?

You can use a Buzz B Gone anywhere at all! And if you read Buzz B Gone review pages, you’ll see that customers have hooked them up all over the place.

The BuzzBe Gone is perfect for use in your bedroom, keeping you safe while you sleep at night. Its UV light shouldn’t bother you too much, and will be a significant improvement on the whine and nip of biting insects.

The mosquito killing device is also ideal for packing for a beach trip, and no camping holiday is complete without the BuzzBe Gone keeping your campfire insect free. It can then be moved and hung up inside the tent to take care of any unwelcome insects that may have got inside during the day.

You can also take a Buzz B Gone to a cookout or backyard barbecue, especially if it’s going to go on late into the evening, when most of the flying bugs are active.

Many of us love summer, but the nuisance posed by insects is a significant downer on the best occasions. With the Buzz B Gone, you can enjoy glorious summer nights without having to constantly swat at your arms.

Essentially, there isn’t anywhere that the Buzz B Gone can’t go with you. The Buzz B Gone review pages indicate just how flexible this product is.

If you want to take it out on the water? No problem; just hang it on your boat, and enjoy being free from all the gnats that usually bother boaters at dusk.

Want to use it on a balcony or deck? Not an issue; loop it up anywhere and get on with your romantic evening bug-free. Got no hooks at all? Don’t worry; you can stand the Buzz B Gone on any flat surface and it will still deal with pesky flying things.

You can even take a Buzz B Gone and leave it in the area in advance. Once it has operated for a couple of hours, it should have freed the air of bugs that might irritate you. This might be particularly useful if you’re allergic to bites and really want to avoid any chance of being bitten.

This product is for anyone to use anywhere, and as one Buzz B Gone review shows, it’s even appreciated by pets who suffer from biting insects as well as people!

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BuzzBGone FAQs

So, along with the Buzz B Gone review pages, what else might you want to know about the Buzz B Gone that hasn’t already been covered? Let’s start with a very important factor; the cost.

Q: How much does the BuzzBGone cost?

A: The Buzz B Gone varies a bit in price depending on how many units you buy, but it’s really important to note that they are currently up to 50 percent off and you’re able to get a real bargain by making a quick purchase! They also reduce the discount for larger orders.

A single unit costs around $85, but with the discount, that’s just $54, representing a 35 percent reduction! Two units are about $171, and with the discount, that’s only $55 (a 35 percent reduction).

Three units can cost around $257, which translates to about $124 with the 51 percent reduction. Finally, their biggest bundle of four units is about $347 normally, and only costs $152 with the 55 percent reduction!

With savings like that, no wonder the Buzz B Gone review pages look so positive. You can get a Buzz B Gone for a couple of rooms in the house, and still have two to pack for days out!

Q: Where can I buy a BuzzBGone?

Buzz B Gone products are only available on the official website. That’s where you can also access their great savings and see some of the excellent Buzz B Gone review pages, so it’s well worth checking out and reading some of the customers’ stories there. You can reassure yourself that you’re making a great purchase by skimming through a handful of the BuzzBGone review sections.


BuzzBGone Pros And Cons

No BuzzBGone review would be complete without a list of the Buzz B Gone pros and cons, so let’s cover some of those right now.

Pros of Buzz B Gone:

  • The Buzz B Gone kill mosquitoes and eliminates mosquito bites.
  • It uses UV light to attract insects, so everything can be trapped.
  • It does not require any harmful chemicals, so it’s easier on the planet.
  • It doesn’t need any batteries.
  • It has a micro USB for convenient charging.
  • It’s very portable and compact, making it ideal for travel; you can just slip it into a bag
  • It’s nice and quiet, so suitable for use even in a bedroom.
  • It gets rid of insects from social settings and allows you to focus on enjoying yourself
  • The Buzz B Gone is very simple to use and has options for both hanging and standing to make it convenient wherever you go.
  • The Buzz B Gone is easy to clean.
  • It has a long battery life so you shouldn’t have to worry about recharging it halfway through an evening.
  • It comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • The company provides quick delivery and 30 days from purchase refund option.
  • The BuzzBe Gone is of excellent quality.

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Cons of Buzz B Gone:

  • The Buzz B Gone won’t last indefinitely; to keep it portable, it does have a limited battery life and it will need charging before its next use.
  • Because it uses UV light to attract insects, it isn’t available in different colors.
  • It is recommended to clean its fan blades to keep it operating effectively.

As you will see from the BuzzBGone review pages, there are not very many cons to list! No product is perfect, but those using the BuzzBGone review pages are clearly very satisfied with their purchase, even the skeptics among them. The lack of itchy bug bites may have a lot to do with their enthusiasm.



Overall, then, the BuzzBe Gone is a great product for anyone looking for a portable and reliable insect zapper and bug zappers that will make their summer days full of fun, and not irritation. Every BuzzBGone review has said what a fantastic product it is, and how effectively it works.

If you feel like you’re dealing with swarms of midges, moths, and mosquitoes every time you try to enjoy the great outdoors, the Buzz B Gone is definitely for you. Let the annoying drone of insects simply be gone from your life, and savor the peace of long, warm evenings spent outside with friends and family, making memories and not scratching bites.

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