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Cameron Smyth

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.” — Eleanor Roosevelt 

Where will life take you this summer? Perhaps you have a big vacation planned with the family, a new hobby that you want to pursue or maybe you just want to spend as much time as possible outside. Whatever your plans, consider all that Santa Clarita has to offer. In addition to a large assortment of restaurants, shopping, entertainment and public art opportunities, our community is also fortunate to have an extensive network of trails, open space and paseos available for all. So, grab your bike or hiking shoes and blaze a new trail this summer! 

Santa Clarita is home to more than 80 miles of picturesque trails and more than 20 miles of beautiful paseos. Residents and visitors of all experience levels are invited to hike, bike and jog on specific trails that pique their interest. Some of my favorite places to hike include the Golden Valley Ranch Open Space, offering stunning panoramic views from the Placerita Trail, and the Central Park Trail, which connects Central Park to Newhall Ranch Road. I am also looking forward to trying out the new Needham Trail, Romo Trail, Pine Street Trail and Gates Trail that have joined our community as a part of the Needham Ranch Open Space. Each open space, trail and paseo in Santa Clarita has unique qualities that draw individuals from all over.  

Put safety first 

Before you enjoy our city’s fantastic trails, please remember to keep safety at the forefront. To protect yourself and others, follow marked walking and biking signage where available. I also recommend bringing water, applying sunscreen and wearing a hat or visor to shield yourself during the hot summer days we are having. With rising temperatures also comes the possibility of encountering wildlife, such as lizards, rabbits, birds and snakes. All wildlife plays a vital role in the natural ecosystem and is protected by law. It is illegal to hunt, harm, molest, kill or harass any wildlife in Santa Clarita open spaces. Another way to ensure an enjoyable trail experience is to dispose of trash and pick up after your dog properly. Following these simple tips keeps our trails beautiful and our visitors safe. 

If you prefer to explore the city on your bike, it is safe and easy to do so. There are countless bike trails and paths that allow cyclists to access every part of Santa Clarita. As you gear up for your next bike ride, don’t forget to check the condition of your brakes, tires and handlebars in advance. Make sure you utilize reflectors as well if you’re planning an early-morning or late-in-the-evening biking excursion. 

Before you embark on a new trail adventure, the most important reminder is to “share the trail.” Sharing applies to other residents and visitors, and wildlife. Being aware of your surroundings and others trail users makes for a safer recreational experience for all. I and my fellow City Council members are so thankful for the volunteers who work hard to keep our trails and open spaces beautiful for every visitor. To learn more about Santa Clarita’s trails, trail etiquette, safety tips and more, visit and 

Cameron Smyth is a member of Santa Clarita’s City Council and can be reached at [email protected]. 

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