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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Apparently the William S. Hart Union High School District governing board, with the exception of Joe Messina, worships at the altar of political correctness and wokeism. Bowing to the will of a small minority of Santa Claritans sends the wrong message to our students and citizens alike. The cancel culture is permanently and forever offended. Their hair is on fire and a water-dropping helicopter couldn’t put the flames out. 

For a few moments, however, I will cross over to the dark side and voice my objections. I am offended by the Saugus Centurion mascot. The Centurions might have been highly organized and well-trained Roman soldiers, but the people they conquered were often brought back to Rome as slaves. Slavery offends me and therefore Saugus High should change its mascot. 

I an equally offended by the Canyon Cowboy mascot. In almost every movie I watched growing up, the cowboys were the good guys and the Indians were the bad guys. Of course, that was Hollywood’s stereotypical version of the Old West. Glorifying killers of Native Americans offends me and therefore Canyon High should change its mascot. 

Even though my son graduated from Valencia High as a proud Viking, I am offended by the Viking mascot. From the 8th to the 11th centuries, Norsemen from Scandinavia traveled to Great Britain and Ireland to settle, trade or raid. The words, “The Vikings are coming,” struck terror into the lives of my ancestors. We are offended by the use of a bloodthirsty heathen as a mascot, and the Valencia High mascot must be cancelled. 

Perhaps I am most offended by the mascot of our newest high school, the Castaic Coyotes. With the current controversy of illegal immigration burning a hole in the airwaves, it is rather odd and somewhat reprehensible that a school would want to honor the symbol of human smuggling. Oh, the Castaic High mascot is the far-ranging canine that inhibits every neighborhood in Santa Clarita? Why didn’t you say so? But still, the word “coyote” has a double meaning, one being quite negative. Dump the mascot. 

What are my recommendations for replacement mascots? How about the Hart High Snowflakes…or the Saugus High Hummingbirds…or the Canyon High Teddy Bears…or the Valencia High Wokes…or the Castaic High Counselors? Snowflakes eventually turn to flood waters which kill thousands of people, you say? How about a symbol of courage and pride…how about the Indians? 

Larry Moore 


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