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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Today I read that Marin County in the Bay Area has a vaccination rate of 92% of residents over 12 years of age. COVID-19 is falling there. On the other hand, the state of Missouri is having a spike in cases, and especially in rural areas that are heavily Republican. 

With the Delta variant on the rise, this could be very dangerous. The virus does not know your political affiliation, but it is affected by vaccines.

It is also true that the infection rate of younger people is on the rise. Almost three times the rate of infection is observed in the age group of 30 and under, versus those over 60 years of age. Please ensure that your young children and their friends get vaccinated.

Hospital statistics on COVID-19 deaths show that from 95 to 99% of deaths are from those who are not vaccinated. There is also a big deficit in vaccination rates for minorities in the Black and Hispanic communities. We need to convince these vulnerable segments of the community that vaccines are safe and effective. 

Thomas Oatway

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