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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

In response to Gary Horton’s Aug. 18 opinion promoting COVID-19 vaccinations, “We Need Freedom From Selfishness,” shame on you, Mr. Horton. If you or anyone else wants to take an experimental (vaccine), please feel free to do so. However, calling on everyone to blindly follow the troops to the chow line is not what freedom is about. At least not in the country I grew up in. Your arguments are framed around emotions and seem to ignore the full scientific record as is known today. You would like the readers to believe that if a tree falls in the forest and neither you nor the mainstream media are reporting it, then it really didn’t fall. 

Yes, there are plenty of medical experts and professionals speaking out against this experimental “jab.” You promote keeping the reader in fear because, “Don’t you know about the COVID surge all around us right now?” 

Well, guess what, the flu has always been around and will continue to be around as there is no known vaccine that can be rapidly developed to stop the ongoing evolution of the SARS virus (i.e. the common cold). There is a reason that every year prior to COVID-19 people died from the flu or complications related to the flu. Yes, even those who took their annual flu shot. (I find it interesting The Signal reports on COVID-19 seem to lack journalistic depth and fail to make any correlation between total deaths from all causes and seasonal flu or flu-related deaths pre- and post COVID-19). 

Instead, I get to hear Mr. Horton question my Christian values because I might be rebuffing “responsibility we have toward one another” and the “Christian value of being our brother’s keeper.” You fail to acknowledge scientific facts indicating this virus is not harmful to a majority of the population, particularly those who are younger and in good health. Forget bringing scientific fact into the discussion as Mr. Horton makes his emotional plea. 

Notice I am not denying some will become quite ill if they come down with the normal seasonal flu or COVID variant. This is obvious to anyone paying attention. There is increasing evidence that COVID-19 vaccines may be harmful and adverse reactions in 2021 alone has far surpassed adverse reactions of most all other FDA-approved vaccines from the past several years combined (according to the Centers for Disease Control’s own data via the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System). But that falling tree is not making a noise as no mainstream media, nor Mr. Horton, report on that tree-falling science. 

Lastly, “stopping this cycle” by forcing everyone to wear a face mask (how many layers are needed today, Anthony Fauci?) and taking an experimental (drug), is clearly an infringement on my freedom apparently so obvious Mr. Horton is unable to see it.   

If you want to stop the spread of COVID-19 or the seasonal flu, stay home if you are sick, wash your hands and keep them out of your eyes, ears and nose. Cover your mouth if you are going to cough. Hmm….seems I have heard these tried and true preventative measures before. 

Mr. Horton, please stop wrapping your ideological arguments around Christian values. “That’s the real American thing to do.”   

Art Terry 


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