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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Gary Horton started off pretty good with his recent article (June 30) entreating us to be wise as well as smart. It was good until the end of the first paragraph. The next 20 paragraphs rolled steadily downward into the abyss. 

It’s not that Horton was making false statements. No, it was quite a diatribe. He’s correct in blaming Republicans for their idiocies, but he completely failed to mention all of the Democratic idiocies that make them peas in a pod – Democrats and Republicans, that is. 

I can match every Republican idiocy with at least one Democratic idiocy. 

At least he had the decency to admit to his bias against Republicans because Horton is undeniably biased. But to proclaim that we are in an age of stupidity unprecedented in modern times is nonsense, or to quote the late, great Paul Harvey, “In times like these it helps to recall that there have always been times like these.”

I am clear on the fact that Gary Horton is biased to the left, but what gets my curiosity is why…why is Gary Horton biased to the left? 

Given that liberals and conservatives can be equally “stupid,” to use Horton’s own terminology, what drives people to be on either side? 

Yes, that is my question. Why does this person go left while that person goes right? Having seen stupidity from both sides, I have come to be biased against both sides, or to quote the late, great W.C. Fields, “I’m not one to discriminate, I hate everyone equally.” 

Does that mean that liberals like Horton are blind in their left eye while conservatives are blind in their right eye? 

Wouldn’t it be better to be able to see out of both eyes, or do people simply like dressing up as pirates with eye patches?

Arthur G. Saginian

Santa Clarita 

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