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Kratom is a unique plant and often quite difficult to source, especially in the United States and other parts of the world.  

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As more people become aware of the benefits of Kratom, demand for the herb has also increased leading to a significant rise in the number of quack retailers selling low-quality kratom products that haven’t been lab tested for safety and efficacy.  

There are indeed many vendors both online and offline selling different variants of Kratom. The brand name of the products they sell may be the same but the quality could be different. For instance, while some vendors deal in the real product others specialize in selling imitations of the real Kratom.  

Keep in mind that Kratom is a nootropic and therefore a low-quality product won’t give you the happy feelings, motivation, and confidence that you want to get from the product.  

It’s, therefore, imperative to be sharp and fully armed with the necessary information when you’re looking for high-quality kratom products at the best prices.  

In this guide, we look at some of the key factors to consider when shopping online for the best Kratom powder. 

Why We Recommend Buying Kratom Online 

The best place to get high-quality and genuine Kratom packed with the necessary alkaloids is definitely from an online vendor with a good reputation and positive reviews from satisfied customers.  

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So, why buy Kratom online? Well, for starters, Kratom is a difficult product to understand because it’s not regulated by the FDA or other federal bodies. Some areas even frown upon or completely ban the use of Kratom.  

You need to have an easy and somewhat discreet source of high-quality Kratom. Buying your Kratom online provides the easiest and most confidential way of researching and getting the best Kratom.  

You don’t even need to leave your house when you purchase Kratom online. You also get a good chance to do research, fact check, and read online reviews from other customers of the online vendor before you make a purchase decision.  

You’ll hardly get a bad batch of low-quality Kratom when you do due diligence before you buy Kratom online.  

What to Consider When Buying Kratom Online 

The last thing you want when shopping for Kratom is to end up with a bad batch, possibly with side effects or completely ineffective.  

To avoid making such mistakes, there are basically two things you need to consider before you make a final purchasing decision. You need to first know the type of Kratom you prefer to get and secondly the best vendor to get it from.  

Let’s consider each of these two factors in greater detail. 

The Type of Kratom You Want 

Most people who are new to Kratom think it only exists in one form. The truth is that there are basically four main types or categories of Kratom.  

Each type of Kratom has its potency level and function that it’s meant to serve but the classification is mainly based on the color of the plant’s stem and leaves. The stem color basically determines the effect the leaf will have on you.  

Here are the most popular kratom colors available today: 

  1. Red Vein Kratom 

Kratom that comes with red veins has high potency and therefore best for relieving pain and muscle relaxation.  

It has a calming soothing effect and is in fact famous as a natural pain reliever. Insomniacs can also benefit from Red Vein Kratom because it delivers calming sedating impacts.  

If you’re looking for Kratom to help you relieve pain, enjoy quality sleep, and simply relax, Red Vein Kratom is a good option. 

  1. White Vein Kratom 

White Vein Kratom is known for being the most euphoric and stimulating form of Kratom. It gives you an energy boost while keeping you motivated, alert, and full of stamina.  

If you depend on caffeine or commercial energy drinks to keep you energized all day long, then you may consider White Vein Kratom as a better and more natural alternative.  

  1. Green Vein Kratom 

If you’re looking for a moderate form of kratom, the Green Vein type is a good option to consider.  

Green Vein Kratom is a milder form that falls between the Red Vein and White Vein Kratoms. It gives you the benefits you get from both types of Kratom.  

The Green Vein works effectively as an energy booster, mild stimulant, anti-depressant, muscle relaxant, and non-sedating painkiller. It helps to relieve pain without leaving you feeling drowsy or disoriented.  

  1. Yellow Kratom 

Yellow Kratom is manufactured using a complicated drying process to create a potent alkaloid-rich kratom with a unique scent.  

Due to its complex manufacturing process, Yellow Kratom is only produced by large companies with advanced technology and machines.  

Some of the popular extract formulas of Yellow Kratom include tinctures, enhanced leaf, water extract, and resin extract.  

Ultimately, your choice of Kratom will largely depend on the exact reasons why you use Kratom in the first place.  

Let’s now look at another important factor to consider when shopping for the best Kratom powder – the vendor.  

Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Kratom Vendor 

How do find a Kratom supplier that you can trust? The number of people using Kratom has significantly increased in the last few years leading to a major increase in Kratom suppliers both online and offline.  

You’ll find many shady suppliers today selling low-quality or even imitation products that could have serious side effects.  

So, when looking for a reliable Kratom vendor, you need to do some serious research on each vendor you come across until you find the best one.  

Let’s look at some of the key factors to consider to help you weed out shady Kratom suppliers from trustworthy sellers. 

  1. Look for a Supplier Selling Diverse Strains of Kratom 

The first thing you need to look for in a Kratom supplier with high-quality products is the strains he or she has on offer. 

Look at the supplier’s range of products and find out if they only sell one type or a diverse strain of Kratom powder and leaves.  

A good vendor should have more than one type because they understand that people use the product for different reasons and purposes.  

They should at least have all the major strains namely the Red Vein, Green Vein, and White Vein. The seller should also provide different variations of Kratom such as capsules, extracts, powder, and more.  

After all, a supplier with a wide variety of Kratom products and forms should have what you’re looking for.  

  1. Where Do They Source Their Kratom Products 

This is another important factor to consider. You must know where the vendor gets his or her Kratom to avoid buying potentially harmful products.  

It’s, therefore, recommended to buy from suppliers who get their products from countries that grow the best Kratom such as Indonesia and other South East Asia countries.  

If the vendor doesn’t list their kratom source on their website, consider that as a red flag to avoid the supplier.  

  1. Only Buy from a Supplier with Lab-Tested Kratom 

Kratom is similar to CBD oil which goes through a series of quality control tests to ensure safety and efficacy.  

Make sure the supplier you choose sells products that have been tested for pathogens, metals, and the right alkaloid content.  

Keep in mind that using contaminated kratom may result in infections and diseases, especially in the current COVID-19 times. 

  1. What Are Other People Saying About the Vendor in Online Reviews and Testimonials 

Just like you always, or should, do when buying anything online, take time to read customer reviews and testimonials about the vendor from people who have used his or her services in the past.  

A trusted and reliable vendor should have positive reviews and good ratings about his or her products and customer service. Watch out for fake reviews, especially on the vendor’s website.  

  1. Avoid Garage Vendors 

Garage vendors are sellers who often lack quality control for their products and more likely to sell you an inferior product.  

Most of them sell Kratom from their apartments, homes, or garages. Their products aren’t only untested but poorly handled too.  

They might give you cheaper prices but you may end up getting an infection from the low-quality and possibly contaminated Kratom.  

Garage sellers also lack the required resources to bring in large quantities of Kratom and often sell in low quantities.  

  1. The Vendor’s Qualifications as a Genuine Seller of Kratom 

Pay attention to the vendor’s qualifications as a trusted seller of genuine Kratom.  

Make sure the seller is legit, especially if you’re buying Kratom in bulk. The last thing you want is to deal with a fraudulent seller.  

You can check the vendor’s qualification by going online to see if they have a website, if they are members of the GMP compliance program, how they test their products for safety, and the kind of customer support they provide among other things.  

Where to Buy the Best Kratom Online 

There are many Kratom vendors and suppliers online but we highly recommend Golden Monk.  

This is a recognized online retailer of kratom products including Kratom capsules and powders for a wide range of Kratom strains such as Red Vein, White Vein, and Green Vein. They even stock various strains of Maeng Da Kratom readily available on their online store. 

As a reputable seller of Kratom products, Golden Monk is approved by the American Kratom Association. Their products are lab tested by a third company to ensure safety and purity.  

Golden Monk also provides a 100% money-back guarantee if the product doesn’t meet your preferred standards.  

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