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Kratom is an evergreen tree from the Southeast Asia, which has been used by locals in that region for many years. It’s a psychoactive substance, with opioid properties, that can be used to relieve pain, boost performance, increase focus, and lots more.  

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There are certain countries of the world, and a couple of US states, that have banned the sale of Kratom.  

Kratom can be chewed raw, made into tea, or consumed in the form of fine powder. There are even Kratom capsules that contain a certain Kratom dosage.  

The various effects of Kratom are felt based on the amount of the substance consumed. Different strains of Kratom also have different effects, colors, and sources.  

There are different dealers and stores – like the trustable Golden Monk Store – where Kratom can be purchased.  

How to Take Kratom 

Kratom can be consumed in different ways. The various methods of consuming Kratom have their own individual advantages and disadvantages too.  

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In the Southeastern regions of Asia where Kratom was first discovered, the leaves of the evergreen tree are chewed raw and sometimes made into tea for drinking. There is also the powder form of Kratom, which some other people prefer, instead of chewing the leaves.  

When Kratom is finely grinded to powder from, it can be easily consumed by mixing it in a liquid of choice – water, and any other favorite flavored drink. Kratom powder has an earthy taste, which isn’t tolerable for some people. Such people would prefer to cover the earthy taste by mixing the powder in their favorite flavored drink.  

Apart from liquids, the Kratom powder can also be mixed with semi-solid meals for easier consumption. People also measure a certain Kratom dosage – based on individual needs and preferences – into empty capsules. These capsules can be conveniently swallowed later on for recreational or medicinal purposes.  

The versatility of the Kratom leaf makes it possible for tea to be made from it. You can prepare batches of the tea in preparation for weeks or days ahead. If the water from Kratom tea is completely extracted, there’s a precipitate left behind. This precipitate can be stored, and later used to make more tea; the precipitate can also be consumed directly without any dissolution.  

You spice up the consumption of Kratom tea by blending it with some other teas. The idea is to eliminate the earthy unrefined taste of Kratom, and make it more pleasing to the taste buds.  

Best Ways to Use Kratom 

Over the years, people have consumed Kratom in different ways. Some of the common and effective ways of consuming Kratom are: 

  1. Toss n’ Wash 

This technique of consuming Kratom is very easy. It can be easily applied by anyone without the need for any special preparation skills. However, because of how direct the method is, you will need to deal with the earthy unrefined taste of Kratom powder.  

All you need is to measure the Kratom dosage that can deliver the desired effects. After that, pour the powder into your mouth – with the aid of a spoon – and push it down with some saliva.  

If the amount of powder to be consumed is significantly large, you can take it bit by bit till it’s finished.  

  1. Yogurt 

Another exciting method of consuming Kratom is by mixing with yogurt. It’s a method that different people make use of. One major reason for mixing Kratom powder in yogurt is to cover its earthy unrefined taste.  

The yogurt, when flavored, is able to create a pleasant sensation on the tongue while swallowing the Kratom blend. The only downside with this method is that it goes against the idea of taking Kratom without food.  

  1. Protein Shake 

If you don’t want to use the toss n’ wash method mentioned earlier, you can add your Kratom powder to a protein shake.  

However, you will still have to deal with the unrefined earthy taste of the powder.  

And just like adding Kratom powder to yogurt, adding it to a protein shake also contradicts the principle of swallowing Kratom on an empty stomach.  

  1. Tea 

A lot of people also consume their Kratom dose by making it into tea. To make Kratom tea, you need some fine Kratom powder.  

The powder is heated up with water, at a temperature of 100⁰C, for about half an hour. After that, the water is strained from the tea. This derived tea can later be prepared hot or chilled for consumption.  

  1. Capsules 

Lastly, there are also Kratom capsules. These capsules are really convenient to use. They also help to mask the unpleasant taste of the Kratom powder. The capsules can easily be made at home, instead of buying from stores or dealers.  

All you need is some empty capsules and fine Kratom powder. More Kratom powder can be easily added to or removed from the amount in the capsules. This adjustment option makes the capsules a versatile method.  

You can also customize the blend of Kratom powder strains in the capsules.  

How to Calculate Dosage 

To feel the desired effect of consuming Kratom, certain dosages of the substance would have to be taken. An effective method used to get an accurate Kratom dosage is scaling. The scale of choice should be able to read weights of up to 1g, and it should have distinct 0.1g divisions.  

Thanks to the advancements in technology, you can easily lay your hands on a nice and affordable scale that accurately measures your Kratom dosage. Make sure you purchase a long-lasting scale.  

The desired amount of Kratom can be calculated based on volume or weight. The former isn’t a very effective and accurate method. It lacks consistency because different batches of Kratom powder are grinded to varying degrees of fineness.  

This means that equal volumes of two different batches wouldn’t have the same weight and potency. This is why measurement by weight is the better choice.  

To further explain this measurement relation, we can use some standard comparisons. Using teaspoon measurement, the difference can be seen between the weights of 1-teaspoon measurements of two different Kratom powder batches.  

The first batch, which contains very fine powder, has a 2g weight, while the second batch, which has finer powder, would weigh 0.25g more than the first batch.  

These 2g and 2.25g weights of Kratom are standard measures of the substance. The strength of the dosage is affected by the potency of the strain.  

Also, the weight of fine Kratom powder varies (has a lesser weight) than an equal volume of ground Kratom leaves. This is because a certain volume of ground Kratom leaves would have larger particles than the same volume of finely processed Kratom powder.  

There are various stores, like the Golden Monk Store, that sell finely processed Kratom powder at fair prices.  

Can I Form a Habit When Using Kratom? 

When using a psychoactive substance like Kratom, it’s important to watch out for addiction risks. Most times, people don’t get hooked on Kratom when they restrict its usage.  

Addiction tendencies are higher in people that consume the substance indiscriminately. Kratom has opioid properties, and you shouldn’t subject your body system to a daily dose of the substance.  

It’s best to control the amount of Kratom that you consume weekly, and even monthly. You can create a scheduled timing for when to use the substance.  

Make sure you adhere strictly to the scheduled consumption timing. However, if you seem to be getting too dependent on the substance, it’s advisable to totally stop consuming it. The only people that can consume Kratom every day are people who are being weaned off certain opiates.  

Also, Kratom can be used every day by patients that are treating severe pains. This is because such patients don’t usually get hooked on their pain-relieving medications. Kratom has now become a preferable substitute for other pain-relieving medications. Lots of people use it across the globe.  

Generally, it’s better for individuals to avoid indiscriminate use of Kratom. If you notice a growing dependency on the drug, stop using it.  

Extra Tips 

If you’re just about to get started on the use of a particular Kratom strain, or any strain at all, there are some important tips to consider. 

  1. Use Kratom Before Eating Anything 

An important thing to consider when using Kratom is the state of your stomach. It’s advisable to consume Kratom when you haven’t eaten anything.  

This is most applicable to those that are using Kratom for the first time – more experienced users can take Kratom even after eating. The more food you’ve eaten, the more Kratom you’d have to consume.  

  1. Track Kratom Use 

Tracking your Kratom intake, especially as a beginner, will help you to effectively control your intake of the drug. You can record the effects and quantities of Kratom consumed in a personal journal.  

A consequent number of these recordings will eventually build into a significant database. Reference to the database can be made later on for adjustments and investigations into your personal use of Kratom.  

  1. Drink a Lot of Water 

People who are just starting to take Kratom will most likely experience frequent thirst. For this reason, it’s always good to have enough drinking water with you while taking Kratom.  

Once your throat starts feeling parched, take some gulps from your water bottle. If you’ll be using Kratom when you’re away from home, get a refillable bottle to hold enough water.  

  1. Be Careful with the Dose 

There are different available strains of Kratom. These different strains of Kratom have varying potencies and effects. For this reason, it’s better to exercise caution when using a new strain.  

This means that you shouldn’t consume large amounts of the strain initially. Instead, focus on consuming smaller amounts first, then increase the dosage later on.  

  1. Always Buy from a Quality Source 

Lastly, you should always use a quality source. The fact that the production and distribution of Kratom haven’t been regulated by any federal body gives room for substandard Kratom products.  

Shady dealers, who want to cut the cost of production, can dangerously adulterate Kratom with other opioids and drugs. For this reason, it’s better for you to purchase Kratom from a quality source.  


Kratom, a psychoactive substance, has spread from where it originated in Southeast Asia to other parts of the world.  

A lot of people have exploited the opioid properties of this substance both recreationally and medicinally. Kratom has been used, by some people, as a substitute for some other pain-relieving medications. The effectiveness and potency of Kratom vary from strain to strain.  

Different strains of the substance would be measured in varying doses for full effectiveness. There are also different ways of consuming Kratom – it can be taken in powder form, strained into tea, swallowed as capsules, and mixed with flavored liquids.  

When it comes to Kratom dosages, it’s best to take measurements by scaling. Make use of a weight scale that can read up to 1g, and has 0.1g divisions.  

Weight measurements are preferred to volume measurement. This is because volume measurement can be inconsistent. A certain volume of one Kratom powder batch would weigh differently from the same volume of another Kratom powder batch.  

To get some quality unadulterated Kratom, we recommended patronizing the Golden Monk Store. The store provides quality-controlled strains of Kratom at an affordable price. Each gram of Kratom is put through 6 stages of laboratory testing.  

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