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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I am going to part with and probably anger a lot of my fellow conservatives on this, but as is always my preferred practice I am going to let logic and reality supersede emotions and politics.

Border walls are great, but even veteran Border Patrol agents will tell you ( I’ve talked with a bunch of them) that their primary purpose and value is to funnel people attempting to cross the border to areas where they are more easily detected and caught. They obviously will stop people who don’t have the means or agility to climb over them, but as we are now seeing, people can just show up at legal border crossings and walk right in, so why bother trying to climb a wall?

As anyone who has ever had an ant problem in their home can tell you, it does little good to hire a pest control company to spray around the outside of your house if you are going to continue leaving food out on the countertops.

Trust me, the ants and roaches are going to find a way to get in and get to that food. As the title of this letter states: PUT THE FOOD AWAY!

In this case, the “FOOD” is all of the goodies our government hands out to anyone residing in the country regardless of whether they are here legally or otherwise.

Unless and until that happens, and I’m certainly not holding my breath until it does, you are NEVER going to stop this no matter how many walls you build. I can, however, tell you for a fact that if the Democrats thought for even a moment that the people illegally coming into this country would be future Republicans, they would have the Rio Grande stocked with alligators and piranhas and would have helicopter gunships strafing them as they came across and drones calling in air strikes from circling attack aircraft!

Rick Barker


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