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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Rick Barker is on my list of people who seem to think straight. His letter (Aug. 12) was great, especially the last paragraph on how Democrats would deal with illegals if they knew they would all be future Republicans — because that’s how they are dealing with the Cubans.

Whenever my wife complains about something she read or saw on the news, the first thing I do is to sweep away all of the drama. It’s a show. To me, anything beyond the reporting of a fact (i.e., it is 90 degrees outside) is some sort of a show. Then I ask myself, what is the show trying to do? It usually comes down to something as simple as, “They are bad, don’t vote for them, we are good, vote for us.”

I honestly believe that the need to be in power is a symptom of some form of mental illness.

By the way, Rick, a straight shooter eventually manages to part with or anger pretty much everyone, so welcome to the club.

Arthur Saginian

Santa Clarita  

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