Gregory Peskay | 9/11, When We Were United

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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Patriot Day, 9/11: That one day of ever-lasting visual impressions. Phone lines jammed spreading the news along with a fear of the unknown. Where non-stop television broadcasts were about straight, unbiased news and commercials that didn’t air. 

It was a day of tragedy, of heroes and villains, of sacrifice and honor. 

The day where political parties unified with a political grace not seen in our lifetimes. 

We became one nation, one people, where race, color, sexual orientation and all the other fracturing viewpoints set aside their differences for the good of our nation, and the good of mankind. 

Never forget 9/11, the tragedy AND the brief period where we as a people truly were, The UNITED States of America.

Gregory Peskay


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