Lois Eisenberg | Blame in Glass Houses

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Republicans criticizing Joe Biden and his administration about Afghanistan,which they have the prerogative to do, but lest they forget that George W. Bush “kicked the can down the road’ in a war that he didn’t bother to end, and President Barack Obama and Donald Trump kicked that same can down the road.

Criticizing Biden for the intervention in Afghanistan turns these Republicans into hypocritical puppets.

The buck is going to stop with Biden, which Trump never had the guts to say or do.

These Republicans have thrown stones from their glass houses, and have thrown America under the bus many times.

These Republicans have been touting their failures as successes and in doing so they have made their images more contemptible.

These Republicans slam Biden for what Trump bragged about.

Now what we should all do is put our efforts into rectifying this debacle in Afghanistan.

Lois Eisenberg 

Santa Clarita

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