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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I just finished reading Gary Horton’s column of Aug. 25 and I am amazed at his characterization of the recall election as anti-democratic. Really? A direct election is anti-democracy? Gary, Gov. Greg Abbot of Texas didn’t provide for this kind of election. Progressive Gov. Hiram Johnson did. It’s not very progressive of you to be against a process designed to keep our politicians accountable. 

Besides, all that needs to happen to keep Gov. Newsom in office is to get enough “no” votes in an overwhelmingly Democrat state. It seems you are concerned that either enough Democrats won’t vote or there are more people who are tired of Gov. Newsom’s failures than you would like. 

Elected officials SHOULD be concerned about being recalled. It helps keep those who lean toward authoritarianism (looking at you, Gov. Newsom) in check. I can’t help but wonder if your objection to this perfectly reasonable response to Gov. Newsom’s governance has more to do with your intolerance of those who politically disagree with you than with actual outrage. 

Michael Sandeen

Canyon Country 

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