Paul McGuire | Horton’s Time Has Come?

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Letters to the Editor
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Longtime subscriber, enjoy the paper.

It’s time for Gary Horton to go. Seems every other letter to the editor complains about his inane columns, and rightfully so. He jumped the shark months ago when he wrote about what a “role model” Katie Hill is; this about the woman who is the biggest embarrassment in the history of contemporary Santa Clarita Valley politics. Anyone who has to pay the other parties’ legal fees in a case like she did, especially a woman, was REALLY in the wrong and got what she deserved. She and her inexplicable “autobiography” should not be heard from ever again.  

That aside, Horton is just a clueless observer of what is happening in California, let alone the SCV. He writes breathlessly about COVID-19, as if it will ever go away; it’s here to stay, Gary, and we just have to deal with it, just like the flu, but not at the expense of destroying our state, country and community. Most of the people hospitalized or dying from it are obese. The median death age is 80. It’s more dangerous driving on Highway 14 than it is on aisle 8 at Walmart.

If you’re going to continue to allow this guy to prattle on with his anti-conservative screeds and polemics, perhaps your editor could ask him to write about oh, how this current administration handled the Afghanistan withdrawal, leaving countless Americans and others with green cards behind, not to mention the blood on their hands from the deaths of our brave men and women; the monstrous debacle at the border and the administration’s “catch and release” policy where illegal immigrants are being flown all over the country, welfared-up and dumped into our communities, unmasked, unvaccinated, untested for COVID-19 — treated better than actual American citizens! Or, perhaps how President Joe Biden has done nothing to press China about the origins of COVID-19 and to admit what happened in Wuhan and what the lab elements that created the virus were, so we might actually be able to fight it more effectively? Has that not happened because, as we know from the suppressed pre-election Hunter Biden story, the entire Biden family is in China’s pocket? Maybe Gary could explain the “righteous strike” of the (non-existent) “Isis K” bad guys who set off the bomb at the Kabul airport the administration and state-run media applauded… until whoops! Those were innocent men and seven children, dead due to “a righteous” American drone strike. 

Or, if he is to continue taking up space in the paper we all pay for, perhaps Horton could enlighten us on who is going to pay for the trillions of dollars in “infrastructure” i.e., leftist policies such as critical race theory implementation in our schools, climate change paranoia indoctrination, etc. It is unfathomable to me how anyone could support the policies of a woman like Nancy Pelosi, who will be remembered for her comment before the Obamacare vote: “We have to pass the bill to know what’s in it.” Or, of course, tearing up the president of the United States’ State of the Union speech for the television cameras moments after he finished speaking. A despicable woman.

Seriously, I know The Signal does a fine job having voices from all points of view, but Gary Horton, as they say in Major League Baseball, needs to be designated for assignment.   

Paul McGuire

Canyon Country

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