PhenQ Reviews (Scam or Legit) Fat Burner Pills Have Side Effects?  


PhenQ is a dietary blend created for people who are finding it hard to lose weight with diet. According to the official website, PhenQ supercharges the metabolism and burns stubborn fat layers, resulting in noticeable weight loss. Sometimes, diet and exercise are not enough, and you need something to kickstart the weight loss progress. Choosing a metabolic booster can be the first step you take towards this healthy and fit journey.  


Obesity is among the top health issues all around the world, let alone the Americans. The unhealthy and junk food trend has caused the average body weight to change, and for the first time in decades, obesity is considered a disease, although it is not a disease itself but a link to various severe diseases.  

More than a medical issue, it is a sign of slow metabolism, and these metabolic changes can result from various factors. There is not much you can change about genetics and environmental factors, but personal factors such as diet and lifestyle can be modified. The rise of the supplement industry has also helped to some extent, but a supplement’s choice matters more than using the supplement.  

PhenQ is a natural metabolic booster that is among the top-ranked products in this category. There are thousands of happy customers who can vouch for its benefits. But if you are a first-timer, having doubts and concerns is natural before trying anything, no matter how many user reviews you read. Read his PhenQ review to clear your head and make a decision about trying or not trying this dietary blend. Let’s find out the truth behind the benefits and promises of this metabolic booster and weight loss supplement.  

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PhenQ Reviews – What is PhenQ? 

PhenQ is a fine blend of selective ingredients offering metabolic boost and appetite control. It is ideal for a person who has gained weight due to unhealthy eating and a sedentary lifestyle with no underlying medical issue. Using a supplement is much easier than spending hours doing exercise or following a restrictive diet. It is manufactured by a company named Wolfson Brands Limited (US), with a high reputation in the supplement world for producing dietary formulas in the last 15 years.  

Regular use of PhenQ pills helps the person reach his target weight without making severe changes to diet or lifestyle. However, the results are more profound when used with a healthy lifestyle, but it is absolutely not an essential requirement for it to work. 

There are no artificial ingredients, fillers, toxins, and chemicals in this formula. Plus, it is more affordable than a weight loss meal plan system or surgery. PhenQ fat burner comes in a pack of 60 pills, tightly packed in a premium quality bottle that is sealed by the company to maintain quality. The customer is expected to remove the seal and use the pills, and if this seal is not intact, talk to the company and get it exchanged.  

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How To Lose Weight With PhenQ Pills? 

Contrary to most dietary supplements for weight loss available in the market, PhenQ offers a more comprehensive approach. It is a complete metabolic booster, which means it collectively improves the working of the body. Starting from breaking down the fat layers and melting them, it uses this fat to generate energy.  

And this energy is used to fuel different body parts, especially cellular functions. Some of its ingredients prevent overeating by controlling the appetite, which is a big issue during the diet. When the appetite is controlled, and the body does not experience lucrative cravings, the chances of losing weight become higher.  

Weight loss with PhenQ pills is less frustrating and stressful than with a restrictive diet because of the high energy levels that keep up the motivation throughout this journey. The body feels no weakness or lethargy, and weight loss becomes much more manageable even with no effects on mood or cognition. No matter where you are, all it takes is to consume PhenQ pills regularly, and the body will automatically be on a weight-loss track.  

It takes two PhenQ fat burner pills to initiate these effects, but regularity is the key to maintain these effects. The company strictly recommends the fair usage of this supplement, and experimenting using these diet pills is not advised. Some people like to add diet pills to their food or drinks and combine them into other weight loss products, hoping to see faster results. These types of combinations could be dangerous and may put you in emergency medical care; hence, they should be avoided.   

Time required to see the results may vary in all users, mainly depending upon the starting weight, underlying factors, and other contributors to obesity. Most people can see changes in their weight within a couple of weeks, but to lose more than five pounds, use it for at least three months with basic lifestyle changes and let it do the rest.  

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PhenQ Ingredients  

Thousands of PhenQ customers share their happy stories with this supplement, telling how it has helped them lose weight with minimal effort. The real reason they are able to see the results is the selective ingredients that are true to their benefits. According to the official PhenQ website, all these ingredients are taken from premium quality sources, with no compromise on chemical exposure. There are no artificial or hidden ingredients in it as the company follows a 100% transparent policy on this information.  

They are combined to create a capsular form using an FDA-approved and GMP-certified laboratory. The final product is tested for efficiency and safety to further minimize the risks for users. Here is what you would find in PhenQ diet pills.  

  • α-Lacys Reset®: the first name in the PhenQ formula is a patented compound that plays a direct role in melting fat. It is a combination of cysteine, alpha-lipoic acid, with magnesium, each with distinctive metabolic properties to offer. They collectively help transform a sluggish and inactive metabolism into a fast-acting system that effectively burns fat, even after you stop using it.  
  • Capsimax Powder: next in the PhenQ ingredients list is the capsimax powder, which is basically a mixture of many natural ingredients including capsicum, and piperine. It improves the metabolic efficiency of the body and prevents fat accumulation in stubborn areas, i.e., belly, thighs, and hips.  
  • Chromium Picolinate-: this PhenQ ingredient is an appetite suppressant, appetite controller, and a natural metabolic booster. It is normally a part of various fruits and veggies, but people who are not into eating fresh vegetables and fruits may suffer from its deficiency. This deficiency could affect blood sugar irregularities, making people eat unhealthy, sugary, and junk food.  
  • Caffeinethere is nothing hidden about the role of caffeine in weight loss as you may see people switching to black coffee and caffeine pills to improve their weight loss results in routine. Caffeine is a natural metabolic booster, but it is impractical to drink so much coffee all day, hoping to lose weight. For this reason, a supplemental form of caffeine is more desirable, and in the PhenQ formula, it is added as per safe daily values for a person.  

Caffeine also boosts energy levels, and there is always plentiful energy available for the body, sometimes more than the requirements of the body. This extra energy can be used in work, studies, exams preparation, or to complete any work that has been pending for long.  

  • Nopal: it is a type of cactus plant that is enriched with compounds capable of metabolic benefits. It works on various aspects of weight loss such as appetite control, reducing cravings, and making a user fuller for a long time. Some amino acids in the nopal are responsible for leveling up energy levels and preventing weakness despite being on a weight-loss track.   
  • L-Carnitine Fumarate: do not let this name confuse you as L-Carnitine fumarate is an amino acid that is a part of various fruits, meats, and nuts too. This amino acid has proven benefits on muscle gain, and some people use a synthetic version of it to improve their exercise benefits. The amino acid in the PhenQ formula, however, uses a natural version that is better and safer than commercially available products.  

All these ingredients have been proven beneficial for the body through independent studies, but the formula is not clinically tested as a whole. Unlike medicines, dietary supplements may not need this clinical evaluation as they are never prescribed as a treatment pill. The role of nutritional supplements is more of a healing nature, and if they have natural ingredients inside, there are no chances they can cause any side effects.   

The PhenQ ingredients work well with each other and improve each other’s effects. But you should not forget that allergies and sensitivities with natural ingredients are also possible. If you are suspicious, check the ingredient list thoroughly or talk to your doctor about it. Some people find dietary supplements ineffective as these ingredients inside are readily available already.  

However, using the raw ingredients and using them combined as formulas are two different things. Finding ingredients separately or combining them for daily use can be tricky, confusing, and unnecessarily complicated. On the other hand, using a pre-made supplement is better and more convenient.  

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Instructions To Use PhenQ Capsules For Weight Loss 

Every PhenQ bottle contains 60 capsules inside, and this one bottle is enough for one month. According to the official website, the daily dosage of PhenQ is two capsules with a glass of water. You may take these two capsules together or take one in the morning and the other at lunch. Never take more than two capsules, and it may be the worst decision for your health.  

The supplement has caffeine in it, and it should not be used before sleeping. Caffeine is linked with mental alertness; while that is a benefit for many, it may not be a desirable aspect when you are hoping to enjoy a restful sleep. Also, limit your caffeine intake while using PhenQ pills to avoid jittery feelings and hyperactivity.  

You can only use it in the morning or afternoons and avoid using it in the evening or night. Some users may feel dizzy after taking it, which is why it is not used at night, or else it may start a supplement abuse. People who have never tried any dietary supplement before can take one capsule a day and then increase it to two after two or three weeks. Switch to a healthier diet, active lifestyle and limit your alcohol and caffeine intake for losing weight with PhenQ diet pills. 

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Is PhenQ Safe? 

There is nothing about PhenQ that appears to be a point of concern. All the information is already made public, especially the ingredients list that is one thing companies lie about. The entire ingredient list is public, and the information on its usage and instructions are also communicated to the new customers. The chances of this supplement going wrong or causing a side effect are minimal, but the risks may remain high if you misuse this supplement.  

Like other dietary formulas, PhenQ comes with its own risks and warnings. It is advised not to overdose on it, hoping for faster results. Taking more dosage than recommendation may bring side effects; therefore, it should be avoided.  

Not to forget, it is only suitable for people over 18 years of age. It is absolutely not safe for obese children and teenagers. Also, you should not use it if you are a pregnant or breastfeeding mother. People with underlying medical conditions, i.e. cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, hypertension, and others, should avoid taking a supplement on their own and always consult a doctor beforehand.  

Where To Buy PhenQ? Price and Refund Policy 

PhenQ weight loss supplement is available on its official website for direct purchasing. There is no other way to buy this supplement as it is not available locally or online. All the orders are received, processed, and dispatched by the company directly and are delivered to the customers. There are no middlemen involved to ensure the legitimacy of this formula with the lowest risk of scam. This is the official website link to purchase PhenQ online.  

It is available in one, three, and six bottles. Once you choose your bundle, you are asked to pay for it online. Also, the company will need your basic details, i.e., name, contact number, and address, to send the order. Feel free to share these details online, as the website uses an UpToDate security system to protect users’ information and data from a breach.  

The price of one PhenQ bottle is $79.95, which is slightly more than other popular options. But this price drops down to a significantly low level when you choose two or three bottle bundles. All bulk orders are shipped for free.  

  • 30-day PhenQ supply- $79.90  
  • 60-day PhenQ supply- $139 (real price $239)  
  • 90-day PhenQ supply- $189.95 ($339.75)  

With two bottles of PhenQ diet pills, you save nearly $99.95 and get two bottles for free. And the three bottle pack of PhenQ will give you a discount of $209.80 plus two free bottles. The local delivery may take between 3-5 working days, and the international delivery may take up to three weeks depending upon customs rules and regulations.  

All PhenQ customers will get a 60-day money-back offer on their purchases. This is to ensure there is no money loss with this product, and the company is fully convinced that this product works for all users. If it fails to make any user happy, the company will refund the entire order value.  

There are no questions asked on refund requests, but they have to reach the company within 60 days of purchase. The company will reject all refund requests made after 60 days. Also, it is necessary to return the used, unused, or partially used PhenQ bottles to get a refund. Do not throw your bottles even when they finish so that you never lose this chance of getting your money back.  

The company has an active customer care line that can be accessed through email and phone. Feel free to contact them for any type of help.  

Phone: +1 (646) 513 2632  

Email: [email protected]

Only those bottles that are purchased from the official PhenQ website are accepted for refund requests. If you happen to get it from any other source and fail to provide the order number, your refund request will be immediately rejected by the company.  

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PhenQ Reviews – Pros and Cons 

Read the following list of pros and cons before deciding on PhenQ pills.  


  • 100% natural formula  
  • Natural weight loss promoter  
  • Safe and secure option  
  • Retains energy levels  
  • Convenient to use              
  • Available without prescription  
  • Safe for a daily usage  
  • Helps in weight management  
  • Money-back offer  
  • Affordable price and discounted bundle deals  


  • Limited stock availability  
  • Only available online  
  • Not suitable for children and older adults  
  • Individual results may vary  

PhenQ Reviews Final Verdict – 100% Worth Trying!!  

From all information shared on the official website and PhenQ reviews online, it appears to be a revolutionary dietary formula helping the body lose weight. It transforms metabolism in such a way that the body starts melting the fat layers on its own and uses this fat to generate energy. This is much better than spending time, effort, and energy on fad diets, leaving a person lethargic and frustrated. Besides, the typical weight loss ideas may not work on everyone, which is why the use of dietary supplements is trending.  

Remember, PhenQ will not work if you are not taking it regularly for at least four to eight weeks. For faster results, make changes to your diet and activity level and try to upgrade your lifestyle. Although it is not compulsory, these basic changes will improve the results of its ingredients and help in weight loss. Not only it initiates a natural weight loss but also used to maintain these results. This prolonged usage also shows its high safety level even for long-term use.  

PhenQ is currently in stock and available for immediate deliveries. The company is running an exclusive discounted price that cuts its price to a very affordable level. Plus, the bundle packs make it even cheaper, allowing the users to buy and stock it. This way, they will never run out on their favorite diet pills. The company is currently taking orders, and there is only limited stock available. If you want to lose weight and need some help, PhenQ is the right product for you. Visit the official website here to place your order.  

PhenQ Reviews- Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)  

If you cannot find your question in this PhenQ review, the following quick FAQs may help you. 

Is PhenQ available on Amazon? 

PhenQ can only be purchased through its official website, and it is not available at Amazon, GNC, Walmart, and other sources. Never trust any other seller than its original website to make your purchase. The company has no authorized dealer to maintain its sales.  

How to know PhenQ is not a scam? 

PhenQ is a blend of 100% natural products combined in an FDA-approved facility under ideal quality standards. There are no artificial ingredients, fillers, or toxins added to it; therefore, the risk of scam with this product is not possible. All customers are happy with their PhenQ experience and recommend it to everyone.  

Can vegans use PhenQ for weight loss? 

There are no animal derivatives inside PhenQ pills. All ingredients are extracted from plant-based sources, making it fit for both vegetarians and vegans. It can also be combined with any popular weight loss diet to enhance its effects. 

How many PhenQ bottles are enough? 

If you are only a few pounds away from your target weight, one bottle of PhenQ would be enough. But if your target weight is more than five pounds away from you, it is better to order three or six bottles of it for a complete body transformation.  

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