Alpha Heater Reviews – Does It Work? Must Know This Before Buying


Alpha Heater is a space heater with a ceramic build specially designed to warm up a chilly room without spending any excessive electricity. It is compact and can be moved to any place or room because of its portability. According to its official website (, this heater is expected to warm up a room nicely and comfortably within 2 minutes of working. Moreover, it comes with a number of safety features that enable you to use it without any hazard. 

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With winters already here and constantly increasing in intensity, everyone is looking for a good heating solution to warm up the room. There are multiple heating choices available at the moment; however, most of these are conventional and fairly expensive. For example, central heating systems are really convenient and comfortable; however, they are extremely expensive to purchase and install. Moreover, using them every day can significantly increase your electricity bills as they eat up too much energy. An alternative is using a fireplace but it produces too much smoke and can cause multiple respiratory issues as well. 

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What’s needed right now is a convenient alternative that can warm up your room to just the right temperature without giving you anxiety every time you see your utility bills. One such alternative can be the Alpha Heater system. This space heater can be a better choice than the conventional heaters as it is cheaper to purchase and likely safer too. 

Should you invest in a portable heater like this one this winter? Read this Alpha Heater review before making a decision. 

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Alpha Heater Review 

Do you know that conventional heaters may consume up to 1500 watts per hour? There are some that go beyond this limit. The result? Extremely high electricity bills are bound to give you anxiety every month. Tired of these over-expensive heating systems, more and more people are in search of finding a heating alternative to save money while ensuring safety. 

A common alternative suggested by many is wearing layers to keep yourself warm. However, everyone knows that this idea is highly impractical, especially during the long months of winters. Anyone can get uncomfortable wearing tons of clothes all the time. Another commonly used method is increasing the intake of hot meals and soups, which can relieve you temporarily but can’t save you from the harsh winter every single second. 

One better alternative heating system that you can consider using in order to pass the approaching winter season more comfortably is the Alpha Heater. According to the official website, this device has been designed to keep the users warm on colder days when no other remedy seems to work. It is an electric heater that throws out warm air at a fixed and constant rate so that the room temperature can be raised to comfortable levels. As a compact device, it is a personal heater that can work well for small places, be it your room or your office. 

As mentioned on the Alpha Heater official website, using this heater can help raise the temperature all the way to 75F. Because of its small size and good portability, you can place it anywhere as per your convenience, including the floor, a table, or a nightstand. It is not expected to occupy a lot of space and you can easily squeeze it in anywhere you like. The company has taken measures to make Alpha Heater a safe one by installing several safety measures in it. It can protect you from the dangers of any mishap like overheating due to its pre-installed safety features. 

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Alpha Heater Main Features 

As per various Alpha Heater user reviews and testimonials, this heater possesses several key features that can make it a good investment. Mentioned below are these features as outlined by the company: 

  • Compact Design 

A regular heater is pretty huge, usually measuring around 27.88 in length with a height of 5.75 inches approximately. The weight is also quite high, typically measuring around 3 kg. This makes them quite inconvenient to carry around and place wherever you like. Alpha Heater, on the other hand, comes with a compact design that can easily be moved from one place to another. Moreover, it is lightweight which means that you can carry it without much trouble. Lastly, you can also fix it anywhere you like without creating much space for it. 

  • Built-in Safety Modes 

The Alpha Heater company has equipped this device with various anti-tip-over and anti-overheating protection systems to ensure that it keeps working without any hazard. It has been manufactured in such a way that it automatically lowers the room temperature as soon as it goes beyond 122 degrees Fahrenheit. If this temperature surpasses occurs more than three times, its safety features are expected to turn on, shutting the device down for good.  

If your Alpha Heater device falls over, it is likely going to stop releasing heat and start emitting ambient air to cool down for around half a minute before shutting down completely. All these features ensure that you can keep using this heater without any risks. 

  • Speedy Function And Programmable Features 

As per the company website, a single unit of Alpha Heater can heat a room of 350 square feet in size within 10 minutes, ensuring speedy functioning. Moreover, the device comes with multiple heat settings and a timer that can be adjusted as per your needs. You can easily select the heating speed which suits you the most. 

  • Quiet Operation  

One of the most common concerns of people using any sort of electric equipment is the noise produced by them. Fortunately, no such concern is expected to arise from Alpha Heater as it works without producing any noise. This helps you keep going with daily activities without any interruption.  

  • Energy Efficiency 

The electricity bills of most people are expected to surge as soon as the winters arrive. This is mainly attributed to the excessive use of heating systems to make the season bearable. But now, with the Alpha Heater device, you can keep yourself warm without worrying too much about spending hundreds of dollars every month. Because of its compact size and latest technology, this device can work efficiently while saving up on energy. 

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How Does Alpha Heater Really Work? 

The official website mentions various features of the Alpha Heater device that enables it to produce hot air to warm down a chill room. Because of its compact size, this device may not be a suitable choice for big rooms and halls; however, the company ensures that it can work well in smaller rooms and workspaces, including your personal room, office, or garage.  

To produce warm air, Alpha Heater makes use of the oscillators installed in it. Additionally, it also has many qualities related to its work. These are mentioned below: 

  • Even air distribution: Alpha Heater works on distributing warm air in all parts of the room in a similar manner. What this means is that the entire room can be evenly heated with no cool spots left. 
  • Fast function: Thanks to its advanced technology, this heater can provide rapid heating without forcing you to wait for hours shivering because of the cold. 
  • Nano filters:  Alpha Heater comes with pre-installed nano filters which help filter out all waste particles from the air. As a result, the air it throws out is expected to be cleaner and free from any dust, pollen, or germs. 
  • No smell: Most heaters work side by side producing a weird smell that is uncomfortable for most people. This is mostly because of waste particles and microorganisms like mold which burn while releasing a bad odor. However, with Alpha Heater, no such problem can be expected. 
  • Built-in timer: A timer has been installed by the company with four modes that you can set as per your convenience. 

Using Alpha Portable Heater – Step by Step Method 

The Alpha Heater device has been manufactured in such a way that operating is a piece of cake. The device comes in a preassembled form so all you need to do is take it out and set it up right away. Even amateurs with no prior experience with electronics can easily set it up themselves without requiring professional help. 

Mentioned below are the steps to set up your very own Alpha Heater: 

  • Take out the device from its packing and place it somewhere suitable, such as your nightstand 
  • Connect the heater to a wall socket 
  • Plugin the device and turn it on 
  • Adjust the grills of the device so that the warm air can be flown out in the right direction.  

Make sure to avoid touching the main body of the heater until it has cooled down. 

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Is Alpha Heater Legit? What Makes It a Good Investment?   

If you are still not sure whether to invest in the Alpha Heater or not, the following features can help you decide about its legitimacy. 

  • Sleek Design 

 Alpha Heater has been designed in a modern way to meet all the basic needs without consuming too much electricity or occupying much space. It has a great exterior which can make your room look even better. Its design is sleek and not at all bulky. 

  • Portable   

Another great feature of Alpha Heater which makes it a good investment is its portability. With this one unit with you, you can expect to heat up any room you require. You can simply carry the device around wherever you go which means that you don’t have to spend more money on purchasing a separate heating unit for every room. 

  • Uniform Heating 

Alpha Heater can help provide even heating to your space which means that no corner is likely to remain unaffected and cold. This is in contrast to other portable heaters that only provide localized effects without warming up the room evenly. 

  • Affordable Price 

The best feature exhibited by Alpha Heater is its affordable price. It has been priced at extremely low rates and the company is offering additional discounts if you decide to purchase it in bulk. Moreover, you can easily keep using it every day as it only costs you 10 cents per kilowatt-hour which can be easily afforded and paid for by most people. 

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Alpha Heater Safety Evaluation 

As far as electrical devices are concerned, people are always worried about their safety. This is a legit concern that exists with most types of heating devices. However, the Alpha Heater can be a safer alternative as it comes with additional safety features. It is common for most heating devices to heat up themselves while working constantly for some time.  

To tackle this problem, the Alpha Heater creators have incorporated a special safety feature that switches it down as soon as it senses the device heating up. The body of this device is also not made up of metal which means that you don’t need to worry about it getting hot.  

Nevertheless, it is still advisable to take some precautionary measures while using the Alpha Heater device. You must keep your children and pets away from this device if you fear that they might play with it and get hurt. The device comes with nano filters that not only warm up the air but also cleanse it so that you can breathe in fresh, germ-free air all day long.  

In case the device tips, the Alpha Heater has been equipped to automatically start blowing out room temperature air for half a minute to cool itself down. After this, it powers off on its own to ensure that no hazard takes place. The same is the case with the overheating problem as the device not only warms the room but is expected to do so wisely. To put it simply, it has a cut-off value of 122 Fahrenheit and once the room temperature crosses this value, the heater stops to prevent the room from overheating and causing suffocation. 

The Alpha Heater device comes with timers ranging from one to six hours. After constantly working for six hours, it stops automatically to protect itself against overheating. So even if you forget to turn it off as you sleep, the device can do it itself without causing any overheating or suffocation. 

Where to Buy Alpha Heater? Official Price Point And Refund Offers 

If you are interested in purchasing Alpha Heater at a discounted cost, visit today. This is the official platform that exclusively deals in these devices. At the moment, it is offering this heater at variable price rates. More information on this can be found below: 

  • One unit of Alpha Heater can be purchased for just $49.95.  
  • A pack of two units provides you with a discount in which the price of each device is lowered to $47.45.   
  • If you purchase three units together, the price of each unit lowers down to $44.96.   
  • A package of four units of Alpha Heater further lowers the price to just $42.46 for each unit 
  • Five units can be purchased at a price of $39.96 per unit.   

As it gets clear from the above-mentioned packages, the more units you buy, the lower the price gets. However, we recommend buying a single unit and test it out first before you order in bulk. 

In case you are not sure about investing in an online device, the company is offering a money-back guarantee to keep your order secure. As per this offer, you have 30 days to try out this device and check if it suits you. If there is some problem with its working or if you feel like it is not suitable as per your schedule, you can return it to the company and get your order amount back. 

Alpha Heater Reviews – Final Remarks   

Alpha Heater is an electrical heating device that uses minimal energy to heat up a room. Alpha Heater has been priced at nominal rates so that maximum people can get through the winters without getting anxious over high electricity bills. The device comes with a portable design and compact exterior making it safe to carry it everywhere with comfort and ease. For more information on purchasing Alpha Heater, click here to visit the official website. 

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