Gary Arndt | What Happened to Changing DST?

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

At this time of year I am reminded once again of our elected California leadership completely ignoring the will of the people regarding Proposition 7 (Daylight Savings Time). It was passed in 2018 by the citizens with a 62% majority expressing their desire to end Daylight Savings Time in this state. What happened? Not much. Was it too much work? Was it COVID-19? Was it not as important as mail-in voting? It seems like more and more in this state it doesn’t matter that it is government for the people, by the people. Apparently our leaders are allowed to cherrypick the initiatives they feel like moving forward. We voted on this and it won overwhelmingly.

Is it not the whole purpose of voting on these propositions to enact change? To be sure there other important propositions that also fell through the cracks, except the ones that reach into our wallets for more tax money. They are bumped right to the front. 

In this state voters no longer have much faith in the integrity of elections. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to convince your children that their vote counts. Most kids are not walking to school in the dark these days, but many are involved in after-school sports, clubs, and just plain enjoying being outside. It is healthier for them. I cannot list all the benefits regarding lifestyle and safety, morning people versus night owls, but look it up on YouTube for some good pro and con arguments and more in-depth information. 

So, when you get off work in the next couple of weeks and it is dark and depressing outside with ”fall back the clocks,” you can thank your California legislators for their noncompliance to the voters’ wishes. 

Gary Arndt


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