John Weaver | Flaws in Plan for Haitians

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Letters to the Editor
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On Sept. 25 Richard Myers opines in his letter that we should call on nations of the world to share the burden of Haitian immigrants by accepting substantial numbers of asylum seekers into their countries. Myers ignores some very important considerations that doom his plan.

First, the Haitians do not want to go to another country! Most of the so-called “asylum seekers” had already been given asylum in other countries, like Chile and Brazil, where many lived for years. Hearing the back door was open to the land of the free — free rent, free food, free education, free health care, etc., where life would provide more opportunity — the Haitians chose, as they will continue to choose, their best option. We cannot fault them.

Second, the Joe Biden administration does not want the Haitians to go to another country! Democrats for many years have viewed their path to political domination as being anchored in changing the nation’s demographics. They (and we) are well aware of the rapid devolution of California from an often Red to a deep Blue state as the state was flooded with migrants. The current plan is to flood more Red states with poor migrants who are certain to vote for Democrats. The methodology for achieving this includes the policy of open borders, which Biden is implementing.

John Weaver

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