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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

This letter is for all pet parents in Santa Clarita. When COVID-19 began, veterinary clinics and emergency centers stopped owners from entering the premises and being present while pets were examined. It is now over a year and a half later, and while we can go back to our own doctor’s office, to concerts, football games and dine in restaurants, most vet clinics are still requiring owners to stay in the car while their pet is examined and treated. 

This needs to end now. The only way this practice will be discontinued is if we, as owners, only support vets whose practices are transparent. In order to do this we need to shop with our pocketbooks. Veterinary care is very expensive and most pet owners do not have insurance. Even those with insurance do not receive 100% reimbursement. Once veterinarians who do not permit owners to stay with our pets start seeing their profit margins change, then their practice will change. 

It is time for us to stand up for our fuzzy kids and demand to be present when they are examined and treated (except in emergencies when they must be taken to the back). This is your hard-earned money at work. The only way things will change is if we patronize veterinary practices who respect us. And to show our respect in turn we will wear a mask, respect the staff in the clinic and pay our bills in a timely manner.

Randi Kay

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