Sally Louise White | County Should Shift Course

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

The following is a copy of a letter to the Los Angeles County Department of Regional Planning. 

Subject: Vesting Tentative Tract Map No. 083582, “Entrada South.” 

The time for such a project has long since passed us by. This is no longer a development that is wise or sustainable. It is rather like going back to transportation via horse and buggy, which we might well end up doing should projects such as this add to the discomfort of such things as: climate change, the drastic reduction in the availability of an adequate supply of water, increases to an already unhealthy level of particulate matter in our community, and traffic already practically at a standstill and marred by freeway accidents on a daily basis. 

The very recent Los Angeles County Climate Vulnerability Assessment indicates the residents of Santa Clarita are “living in a community deemed highly exposed to impending and severe climate impacts.” Adding 1,574 more homes to this community will thusly increase the vulnerability of everyone. 

Though this project was long ago approved, pure and simple intelligence indicates that when circumstances change you rethink any decision, and appropriately change course. You do not sail your ship, loaded with passengers, directly into a harmful storm. Surely we have the intelligence to figure this out, change course, and avoid a horrific calamity. 

Sally Louise White 


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