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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Thomas Oatway (letters, Nov. 16) continues the wrongheaded assertion that only conservatives are responsible for the 42% (his number) of the eligible population who are not fully vaccinated. Of note is that President Joe Biden stated Nov. 17 that 80% of eligible Americans have gotten at least one injection.

Mr. Oatway also asserts that the 42% are Fox News watchers and that Fox is telling the public to “resist vaccination.” He provides no proof and is incapable of providing any names because the claim is piffle. As an aside, FOX must be gleeful with a 42% viewership. That’s quite an audience.

There is a huge difference between anti-vaccination and anti-mandate, in this case by government officials. There are hundreds of thousands of public employees, union members and others marching in the nation’s streets against the mandates and disclosure of what should be private health information. They are hardly all conservatives.

The complaining letter to the editor noticeably failed to mention the original anti-vaccination people — Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, among other well-known Democrats. They declared so in the summer of 2020 and up until Biden-Harris took office. Absurdly, the formula never changed with the new administration, just the politics.

Americans now know that tens of thousands of illegal border crossers are COVID-positive, yet they are being welcomed into our country and escorted to a location of their choice. COVID-19 be damned; no mask, no 6-foot distancing, etc. Secondly, Biden’s mandates exempt all of Congress and their staffs. Perhaps Mr. Oatway’s anemic “vaccinate-all” crusade could focus on those two matters.

Another declaration in the letter is that the un-vaccinated are a “societal problem.” It is not the job of the unvaccinated to protect the vaccinated; that is the vaccine’s job. 

Not getting vaccinated isn’t near the societal problem that chosen ignorance and proliferating lies are.

Betty Arenson


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