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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Contrary opinion? You’re cancelled!

The left sure loves to censor. Their desire to censor and cancel goes way beyond hate speech, whatever that means to anyone. Recently Edward Strawser (Oct. 26) complained that The Signal was publishing too many letters from conservatives. He claimed that 90% of all the letters and columns published in The Signal are conservative-leaning. 

He makes this claim without providing any proof, as is usual for the left, so I guess it’s just his gut feeling or something.

 In the interest of providing The Signal public with actual data, I did his job for him. I looked at the last 50 submissions and I found the following: 15 were from leftists, 17 were conservative and 18 were neutral. On the conservative end I even counted Pastor David Hegg and John Boston as being conservative even though some of their work is non-political. 

Thus, it appears almost by accident that The Signal publishes work about politics almost right down the middle. Not even close to 90%, Mr. Strawser. The actual percentage of content that bothers you so much is closer to 35% at most. 

But never let it be said the left lacks the ability to embellish. Hyperbole is their bible and cancellation and censorship can be found in the first chapter.

Brian Richards

Stevenson Ranch

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