Dick Cesaroni | Why Not Camp Kilpatrick?

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

A copy of this letter was sent to the L.A. County Board of Supervisors.

Re: Camps Scott and Scudder in Saugus. I wish to continue my protest as a Saugus resident to your consideration of dumping hardened and violent juvenile criminals in camps in Saugus. I have done some research on Camp Vernon Kilpatrick and the $53 million you spent to refurbish it. It appears to be a Camp Med. After spending $53 million, you would think that Camp Kilpatrick would be the ideal location to house, teach and rehabilitate those recalcitrant heavy-duty offenders you want to dump in Saugus. Camp Kilpatrick is set up and ready to go. You also have Camp Fred Miller on Encinal Road, close to Camp Kilpatrick. 

There are large numbers of residences within walking distance of those camps (Scott and Scudder). Access to the camps is just from Bouquet Canyon Road and easily accessible to friends and family who possess criminal intentions. Many more houses are set to be built in the area in the near future. You also have the problem of fire, floods and earthquakes with only a busy two-lane road in case of emergencies. You really must see for yourselves the location of the camps near the many residencies and it will become clear these camps are not ideal for dumping of hardcore offenders, especially in an area crammed full of residences. 

So I appeal to you to rethink the idea of using Saugus as a dumping ground for the criminals in inadequate facilitates. I still say that Camp Kilpatrick, after a $53 million do-over, is ideal for the criminals. One taxpayer’s opinion. 

Dick Cesaroni

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