Gary Curtis | Bereavement Leave After Abortion?

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

As reported by KATU-TV2 in Portland, Oregon, city leaders there have decided to be the first city in our country to offer bereavement leaves for employees after they have an abortion.

The City Council unanimously approved the new policy, allowing employees to take off three days of work as “bereavement leave” following an abortion or any type of pregnancy loss. This would seem to admit that a “baby” has died in such a “loss” and the parents deserve time to grieve. 

Could this acknowledgment be a positive step for the radically leftist politicians in Portland toward celebrating human life? 

Those who have no biblical background are at the mercy of secular ethicists and political pundits who wish to justify their own personal bioethics. It is a scientific fact that no matter the number of weeks of pregnancy or the stage or status along the human continuum from the initial multiplying of the cells of a human zygote to a maturing human fetus, it is always a human, with God-created potential and destiny, which is worth celebrating.

Abortion is not just a “termination of a pregnancy,” but is human euthanasia, no matter what compelling rationale or altruistic agenda is used to justify it. However, to believe this and say so is not always easy nor popular. It only makes logical sense if you then believe it should apply to every human life, young and old, all the time and not just when it is politically acceptable, or only when it comes to your own personal life or family.

Almost every day, governors stand at a podium and call on their constituents to cooperate with their edicts and make tremendous sacrifices to ”protect human lives.” Yet the majority of these state executives will sign state legislation to allow and encourage the daily killing of hundreds of innocent, pre-born children in their states via abortion.

Those who tout “science and data” as our way out of this novel coronavirus crisis and those who share this life-ending, political ideology are complicit in ending more lives than COVID-19 ever will.

Gary Curtis


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