Melvin J. Chikato | The Biden Bait-and-Switch

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Joe Biden’s presidency is so typical of how Democrats run for office and then govern when elected. Car dealers call it bait-and-switch! Say what you have to in order to get elected, then go hard left and force an agenda on the country that most people would never have voted for. 

In Biden’s case, he is destroying our country before our very eyes! If he said, “I’m going to open our southern border and entice immigrants to come here,” do you think he would be our president today? If he said, “I’m gonna stop oil leases on federal land, shut down pipelines, making us dependent on foreign oil again, which will raise the price of oil, fuel inflation, and cripple our economy,” he would not be in office today. 

He said he would have the most ethical administration in history. What he didn’t mention was that he would allow his equally crooked son to sell his bogus art for astronomically and artificially high prices. He is literally selling his office in plain sight. 

Joe Biden is the most corrupt, dishonest and incompetent president ever to occupy the White House. He belongs in the Big House, not the People’s House! The Democrats investigated Donald Trump extensively before he even was elected. Trump made his money as a private citizen. Biden made his fortune while holding elected office. But how? He’s a public servant. 

It’s time Biden is investigated with the same fervor as Trump was. Sunlight is the best disinfectant. I won’t riot in the streets or burn down buildings to protest this treasonous administration. I will, however continue to call attention to the corruption and ruinous policies Biden is destroying our country with. 

I await the midterm elections when Republicans take control of both houses and slow down the rate of destruction taking place until a new president can be elected in 2024.

Melvin J. Chikato


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