Mildred (Millie) Hubert | Having ‘The Talk’ with Democrats

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Has the Democrat Party forgotten about the birds and bees? 

We are born male and female, either by creation or evolution (maybe both), with a sex drive in order to procreate. It takes a male sperm and a female egg to do this. Without a He and a She there would not be a You and a Me. So why are they trying to do away with pronouns? Homosexuals are still a He and She but as a He couple or She couple cannot procreate. As a heterosexual I do not understand the sexual attraction to the same sex, but I do see the love and commitment you see in your partners. I understand why you would want to validate this commitment with a marriage. So be it. Do have a legally binding marriage. 

But to me a marriage is between a man and woman and together, God willing, we can have a child. Do not sue me because due to my religious beliefs I do not make you a cake. My religious belief says you are living in sin, but then who am I, a sinner, to judge? 

A (transgender person) is another story. Their decision to be one or the other should not be taken lightly and certainly not be made during their teen years when we all are so vulnerable. Furthermore, a transgendered male to female still has a physique of a male and should not be allowed to play in female sports. 

Back to the birds and bees. Do women not know that when they have sex with a man a baby can be produced? Like I said, it takes a man’s sperm to wiggle into a woman’s egg to produce a baby. It’s not the baby’s fault that you brought it into existence. Oh, you say it’s not a baby at conception. Then all the labs that women go to in order to produce a baby are lying and stealing their money. So whether you like it or not, it’s there, and having an abortion is killing a baby. And, for heaven’s sake, how can you deny that a baby exists once it has a heartbeat?

Mildred (Millie) Hubert
Santa Clarita

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