Thomas Oatway | Herd Immunity Isn’t Happening

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

It is looking less and less probable that herd immunity will ever be achieved in the COVID-19 pandemic. Some say that the best we can achieve is an endemic, where the virus is around in perpetuity, and our only protection is a yearly booster shot. Personally, I can live with that. But will it be a drain on the economy, hospitals, schools, the workplace and society in general? In a week that we celebrated our veterans, whatever happened to the patriotism of the World War II generation? We could use a measure of the heroism, dedication and selflessness that has somehow disappeared from American society.

Only 58% of Americans are fully vaccinated, The original projection for herd immunity was 70-85%. Until virtually everyone is infected or vaccinated, this virus will stay around and kill or (harm) Americans. The variants will make the shots less and less effective. So hang on, it will be a long, hard ride.

The children who were recently made eligible to get vaccinated (12-17 years old), have done so at low rates. The same is likely to be true of 5- to 11-year-olds, as parents continue to roll the dice on the health of their children. Of course, conservative media outlets will continue to encourage resistance to vaccination, masks and social distancing until virtually all of their viewers get sick or die. Right now their business model is to resist vaccination because there are ample numbers of dedicated viewers who insist that vaccination is a personal choice as opposed to a societal problem. This does not seem to be a good business plan for the long term, but is consistent with the mentality of corporate leaders to focus on short-term profits.

I will continue to protect myself with boosters as needed. Some ill-informed others will keep this virus alive and well. They are going to fill our hospitals, funeral homes and cemeteries. This is going to be a good investment opportunity for the future. When Fox News starts to invest in hospitals, we will know that we have been had. 

Thomas Oatway


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