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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I know several people who were in the armed forces and had to have up to 17 vaccinations as a mandate of their service. Now we have unpatriotic, ill-informed citizens who refuse a shot for “personal freedom” or politics. I wonder if the Republicans who refuse vaccines would happily get a shot if it were not provided by a Democratic executive branch. 

Almost 800,000 Americans have died of COVID-19. Almost 10,000 have died who were vaccinated. Yet some still cite these deaths as evidence that vaccines are not effective. Yes, infections of vaccinated people are increasing. Some show up in the ICU, but the death rates pale in comparison to the unvaccinated. Many who die of COVID-19 are like Colin Powell, whose immune system was compromised.

COVID-19 vaccines were originally promoted as more than 90% effective. But they are waning in protection as the virus mutates and antibodies decrease. A booster will correct that, yet only about 30% of those who had two shots are electing to get this protection. This cannot be blamed entirely on Republicans. Ignorance and laziness are apolitical. 

Some misinformation agents compare COVID-19 to the flu, which kills 10,000 to 50,000 a year. COVID-19 has killed thousands more. The somewhat lesser effectiveness of flu vaccines is used as an excuse by some doubting COVID-19 vaccines. Flu viruses mutate quickly. Flu vaccines may not be designed to be 100% effective against the mutated virus.

I implore those who continue to rail against the vaccines to wake up and reject the disinformation. We do not need another rise in infections and deaths as the weather cools and people congregate indoors. And it is not a smart move to get together for the holidays and spread this disease to your family and friends. That is not a Christmas gift to be welcomed.

Thomas Oatway


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