Don’t Forget Your Nightly #9pmRoutine

Santa Clarita City Hall, as pictured on February, 26, 2020, is located on the 23900 block of Valencia Blvd. Dan Watson/The Signal

By Ken Striplin

Santa Clarita City Manager

The safety and security of residents is a priority in the City of Santa Clarita. From partnering with the County of Los Angeles on the brand-new Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station to taking a data-first approach to reducing traffic collisions and injuries on our streets, the City is using innovative resources to ensure Santa Clarita continues to be one of the safest cities in the nation.

In addition, the City and Sheriff’s Department take a proactive approach to public safety through innovative and award-winning campaigns like Heads Up! and the Stolen Collection. Another campaign aimed at protecting personal property is the #9PMRoutine. The #9PMRoutine encourages residents to add a simple set of security steps to their nightly schedule to protect their home, vehicles and personal well being.

After a long day of work, juggling family schedules and running errands, it can be easy to forget critical safety steps in favor of getting some much-needed rest. This is especially true during the holidays when the added stress we face can also make us forgetful.

It feels terribly violating to be a victim of a robbery or burglary. The effects of the crime can weigh on you mentally long after it has taken place as you further worry about your safety. This is why it is important to review #9PMRoutine periodically to help combat property crime and protect your valuables.

The #9PMRoutine builds upon what you already do at the end of the day – lock your doors and windows. However, it goes a step further and encourages you to double-check that your vehicle’s doors and trunk are locked, valuables are kept out of your vehicle and your home’s exterior lights are working. By keeping valuables out of your car and installing motion sensors as part of your home security system, you deter would-be burglars.

These tips should also be applied when you are out shopping, particularly in the hustle and bustle of the holidays. When you are out picking up last-minute gifts, meeting up with friends for live entertainment or popping into the grocery store, take a few extra seconds to be sure that you’ve locked your car. Take your wallet or purse with you and lock any gifts or valuables you have out of sight in the trunk. A few moments of your time go a long way toward keeping thieves from taking your possessions.

Thanks to the hard-working deputies of the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station and the diligence of community members, the City of Santa Clarita will continue to keep property crime low this winter. Connect with the City and Sheriff’s Station on social media for more safety and security tips.

I wish you and your family a safe and healthy holiday season and a happy New Year.

Ken Striplin is the City Manager for the City of Santa Clarita and can be reached at [email protected].

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