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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Re: Melody Keppler, letters, Nov. 23.

Well, Melody, thank you for responding to my comment. The fact that you missed my point and went straight to defending Donald Trump could mean that you have read some of my earlier missives and just projected it onto this one. To recap, I don’t think Donald Trump is qualified to be the leader of anything, let alone president.

Abraham Lincoln said our government was “of, by, and for the people.” The founding fathers meant that to be the majority of our citizens. All our governors are elected by receiving the majority of their states’ votes. The same is true for all senators. Not so for the most important office. Here we are subject to the “Electoral College” and votes apportioned by states. Here minority rule begins. Comedian Bill Maher has often asked, “Do we really need two Dakotas?” Taken together, North and South Dakota have a population smaller than the San Fernando Valley. Yet in the Electoral College they have twice the number of senatorial votes as the state of California. That violates the intent of “One Man, One Vote.” In the presidential vote, one vote in Bismarck has greater weight than one vote in Oxnard.

This inequity can be further complicated by gerrymandering, and other attempts to stop the popular vote. It would help if much of the electoral process was codified in a manner that nearly everyone could understand and would be the same from state to state. Instead much of it is determined by tradition, or practice. We never thought someone would violate those traditions, which brings us back to Trump.

Where were all these state attorneys general who will be bringing facts and examples of fraud to the Supreme Court, when nearly 60 cases were brought to the courts and dismissed due to lack of evidence? For your sake Melody, I hope there is more to this telethon than there is to the folks who gather in Dealey Plaza, Dallas, to see the resurrection of JFK junior, who would become Trump’s new running mate. Conceptually, that’s just plain silly!

I hope we can finally get this thing all sorted out, and find something else to obsess over,

Gary Morrison

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