Max Morgan | Applying Double Standards?

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

In her latest letter, Lois Eisenberg (Dec. 3) regurgitates her same message, that all Republicans are “racists” (yawn), “militants” and embrace “vigilantism.” If Ms. Eisenberg has any measure of objectivity, usually absent from the media and the haters on the left, I would ask her to answer the following:

Kyle Rittenhouse is white. The three people he shot are white. How does that make him a racist?

One of Rittenhouse’s attackers was armed with a pistol, another with a baseball bat, and a third struck Rittenhouse on the head with a skateboard. Are they also not militants or vigilantes?

You claim that Rittenhouse had no “experience” nor “training” in the use of a semiautomatic rifle. What is the source of your claim?

You write that right-wing extremists have participated in “enough violence.” Would you say the same of (left-wing extremists) that have burned, looted and ravaged many cities across the U.S.? 

I await your response — or do your standards of conduct and behavior only apply to Republicans? 

Max Morgan


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