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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Regarding Gary Horton’s (Dec. 8) piece, “2021: A Good Yawner of a Boring Year.”

I guess people who have lots of extra money and just can’t find anywhere to spend it are terribly bored. Perhaps people who could receive more money staying at home and receiving a check from the government would have been foolish to work and were bored. But what about the people who wanted to work in 2021 but got so far behind in 2020 that they are struggling to catch up? What if they spent 2021 worrying about losing their home or their health insurance because their job couldn’t be done from home? 

What if they lost a family member or friend to COVID-19? 

Perhaps they would have considered a “Good Yawner of a Boring Year” a blessing. Maybe for a lot of people 2021 equals “many terrifying years past.”

Shari Gibbs

Canyon Country

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