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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Thinking: We can predict the way things will proceed. We are too focused on the present and believe the future will be like the past. Therefore, we engage in linear thinking as change from discontinuities is constantly occurring.

Problems: Once we solve this problem things will be fine. We only have a limited capacity to deal with problems. As we solve one or it solves itself, room becomes available for another one to deal with. 

Communications: If only communications could be faster. During the millennia communications speeded up from speaking to ships, telegraph and wireless. Speed is no longer the criteria but the cost and amount of content.

Money: We need electronic money. Electronic money is already everywhere today, and money is not real or tangible anyway. It is only trust for value in the future because of an enforcement mechanism to protect this claim. 

Solutions: This is the solution to our problem. For every problem there are proposed solutions, often incorrect, emotionally driven, too costly and judged without considering changing circumstances or the cost of being wrong.                                                                           

GA Ben Binninger

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