Mike Garcia | Continuing the Fight in 2022 on Behalf of the 25th

Mike Garcia

The year 2021 proved historic for our country and community, filled with many challenges and successes. In 2022, I remain committed in my efforts to fight for the people of the 25th Congressional District and ensure our community and nation remain safe and secure. 

Since January 2021, my office successfully helped more than 1,015 constituents with federal casework, held six town hall events, and responded to more than 8,700 calls, emails and letters. 

In the wake of the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan, my office helped evacuate more than 115 Americans and Afghan allies, while the State Department failed to act. 

My office remains ready to assist any constituent with federal casework in the new year. 

In 2021, I fought tirelessly against the reckless push to defund our police. Americans deserve to feel safe in their homes and know that when they call 911, help is on the way. 

In 2022, I promise to continue to advocate for our law enforcement and ensure they receive the funding and support necessary to keep our communities safe and secure. 

A key step in improving our communities’ security in 2021 was grounded in my efforts to bring attention and action to the illegal marijuana grows ravaging parts of the 25th District. We made serious progress in combatting the grows threatening communities in the Antelope Valley, Acton and Agua Dulce. 

I joined efforts with Sheriff Alex Villanueva in leading a coalition of law enforcement and officials from every level of government in what resulted in the largest illegal drug raid in the history of Los Angeles County. 

Although the work is far from over, I remain committed to ensuring this problem is eradicated, as well as supporting efforts to secure our southern border — a national contributor to this local problem. 

The increase in crime wasn’t the only thing threatening our home security in 2021. Wildfires continue to pose a serious threat to Californians. Therefore, in 2021, I introduced the PROTECT Act to allow for increased use of active forest management, and the FIRE Act to allow the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to develop new tools to better detect, predict and react to wildfires. 

In addition to advocating for wildfire prevention, I remain committed to fighting California’s excessive use of Public Safety Power Shutoffs, a problem that poses more harm to our communities than good. 

Already this year, we are seeing inflation rates at a nearly 40-year high. Over the last year, our community dealt not just with the rising cost of consumer goods and a supply chain crisis fueled largely by California state policies like Assembly Bill 5 and California Air Resources Board compliance, but we also faced punishingly high taxes and government-mandated lockdowns that forced businesses to shutter. 

That is why one of the first things I did at the start of 2021 was introduce the SALT Fairness Act, which would repeal the unfair SALT deduction cap. Under the current SALT deduction cap, many middle-class families in the 25th District are paying taxes that are far too high. 

I will continue to be a strong advocate for bringing about serious reform to turn our economy around and allow Americans to keep more of their hard-earned money. 

While many pressing issues continue to face our community and nation, we must never forget those who have sacrificed everything for the freedoms and security we have today. Ensuring our nation’s military, veterans and their families have the services and support they deserve is of utmost importance to me. 

This past year, my office assisted more than 70 veterans with Veterans Administration casework. I also introduced the bipartisan Military Spouse Licensing Relief Act, which would allow military spouses who have a professional license to continue to utilize their license in a new state when moving on military orders. 

In 2021, I was also able to secure hundreds of millions in funding to support the defense sector in California’s 25th District — something that will improve economic opportunity for our community while simultaneously helping keep our nation secure. 

In 2022, I will continue my efforts to secure critical funding for our nation’s defense sector and support our community’s thriving aerospace industry, which will play an increasingly important role in our nation’s security. 

Although my time is split between California and Washington, D.C., my favorite days are spent traveling throughout the 25th District to meet with constituents, local business owners and local leaders. 

I remain confident that our nation will rise to the challenges of 2022 and emerge stronger than before. And I remain committed to only the welfare of our nation, our district and the Constitution.

Rep. Mike Garcia represents the 25th Congressional District, which includes the Santa Clarita and Antelope valleys.

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