Rob Kerchner | The Wisdom of the COVID Bureaucrats

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Behold the wisdom of our COVID bureaucrats:

1) Homemade masks that fail to stop aerosols are effective at stopping aerosolized viruses. They must be mandatory regardless of their ineffectual results.

2) Such homemade masks only work when someone ELSE wears them.

3) Casual and intermittent contact out in public is a major COVID spread component.

4) You are responsible for someone else’s health when they are in public.

5) You can be dangerously sick from COVID without knowing it.

6) This germ is a serious danger to healthy people and all ages.

7) Vaccines that don’t stop the spread are important to stop the spread and keep from overwhelming our noble health professionals.

8 ) We should fire our noble health professionals, and everyone else in any large organization, if they won’t get vaccinated — and this applies even if they are already recovered and immune.

9) Shutting down businesses and quarantining the healthy is a good idea.

10) Dots on the floor is a good answer to a pandemic.

11) Plexiglas stops COVID.

12) You are risking death in a mom & pop store but safe in a big box store with 50 times more people.

13) You can’t eat inside a restaurant but you can eat inside a closed tent outside the restaurant.

14) You must wear a mask on an airplane unless you are eating/drinking (or are an important Democrat). Then it is OK to have your mask off.

15) If you disagree with these ideas, you want to kill people. 

Rob Kerchner 


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