Ron Perry | An Obstruction Joke

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Letters to the Editor
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Excuse me, but I had a better laugh at Richard Meyers’ letter “Republican obstruction” on Dec. 22 than from any of the funnies. 

It has been 11 months that Joe Biden has been in office. President Donald Trump was in office for four years and the Democrats were on him every day like stink on a skunk, and you say Biden is being obstructed, just because the Republicans won’t vote for a multi-trillion-dollar, debt-producing, tax-increasing bill that will profit no one but those in office. Biden has no idea what obstruction is. It is his fault if the bill does not pass because the Democrats don’t understand what compromise is. Compromise: When both parties GIVE and TAKE in order to agree on an outcome!

Just because he completely screwed up the withdrawal from Afghanistan? Just because he has allowed hundred of thousands of illegal aliens to flood into the country? Just because he has allowed the Russians and the Chinese to prepare to invade other sovereign countries?

Just because his policies have allowed crime to run rampant? Just because he shut down oil pipelines in America and gas is almost $5 per gallon? Just because the working class and the poor will be paying more for food, clothing, fuel and higher taxes? 

I could go on, but I will stop here.

Obstructing Biden? Ha, ha, ha!

Ron Perry 

Canyon Country

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