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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Regarding the issue of at-large voting versus district elections, as called for in the lawsuit by attorney Scott Rafferty: I think the words of Willie Brown, former San Francisco mayor, speak directly to this. The question, and his response, are from an interview with Thomas Fuller, San Francisco bureau chief for the New York Times, Jan. 3. In it, Mr. Brown is discussing the emergency declaration in the Tenderloin District, in the city of San Francisco, by Mayor London Breed.  

Q: Will the state of emergency in the Tenderloin work? 

A: Only if she can get the rest of the city to buy in. The city unfortunately is not run by the mayor. We are now plagued with the politics of districts that have no interest in anything except their little turf. 

If Scott Rafferty has his way, Santa Clarita could easily go the way of San Francisco, L.A. and other cities that have adopted districts. I have lived in L.A. and I am not interested in going back. I like knowing every member of our City Council is beholden to me. 

Thomas Smith

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