Anna Scott | A Proposal to Stop Crime

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Since our leaders are allowing people to commit crimes and look the other way, but ignore the victim, it is time for a change. The problem is that no one will stand up. Weak and spineless leaders are ruling our country.

A proposal: 

1. The Bible states if a life is taken, so should be the life of the murderer be taken immediately. There should be no jail time, appeals, but immediate execution. If it is unclear of the situation, there should be a quick trial, accept the verdict, allow no appeals and make it hard on the criminal. People would think TWICE about taking another person’s life. (The life of a young girl was taken a few weeks ago in a furniture store. That man should no longer be alive.) What are the leaders waiting for?

2. If you own a store and people broke in to steal, you should be allowed to shoot them — arm, leg or head, whichever comes though the door or window first. It is your property and you should be able to defend it. I bet robbery would stop immediately.

What is so hard for people to understand?

Unless the leaders start to return lawfulness to our country, eventually people will take law into their own hands and the population will back them up.

Stop the criminals!

Anna Scott


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