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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

As a fellow Republican I enjoy reading Betty Arenson’s letters to the editor. Her discussions raise a lot of questions for me. In reading the Saturday, Jan. 22, letter, I have questions. Betty says schools are limited or closed but prisons are open. Is she saying that prisons should be closed to slow COVID or that schools should be open to encourage more COVID exposure? I do not understand the relationship of open prisons to closed schools. One place is to keep criminals off the street. The other is to educate our children. Maybe both places should be for education. 

Betty says that the Joe Biden administration mandates travel restrictions on citizens but flies illegal aliens all over the U.S. at the taxpayers’ expense. What does each have to do with the other? When has the federal government restricted citizens’ travel anywhere, except for certain countries or for not wearing a mask? Maybe Betty can help me understand her comments by providing her source for her facts. 

Betty also says that Americans are traced by our federal government as to our vaccination status, but those here illegally are not traced at all, including their whereabouts. What federal agency tracks your vaccination status? I understood that the states tracked your information, but what information does Betty have that the federal government has accessed this information? Again, how does tracking vaccination status relate to tracking the whereabouts of illegal aliens? Maybe the feds do track the location of illegal aliens, but how does Betty not know this? Maybe the federal government should have everyone’s information to protect us all from a new COVID or similar pandemic. 

Does Betty think that the current inflation is only the result of Biden being president or is there some leftover Donald Trump issues causing some of this inflation? Could some of these inflationary items be caused by Mr. Trump’s federal reserve appointments? Are some of these inflationary pressures from not dealing with the early COVID issues by hiding its potential deadly impact? 

Why is Betty spending so much of her precious time on illegal aliens? Who does she think will pick the crops we all consume? Who will mop the floors everywhere? Who does she think will be paying into the Social Security system to give her Social Security benefits in the future? 

All this hate of President Biden. Why doesn’t Betty address the Jan. 6, 2021, disaster in Washington, D.C., where an insurrection took place by Trump followers? 

Why didn’t Mr. Trump try to stop these unlawful acts by these so-called citizens? Why doesn’t Betty address the attempted coup by ex-President Trump and his followers?  

All of this makes me very concerned as to the direction of the Republican Party and the direction of this country. It’s very difficult to fact check statements by anyone and everyone. 

Perhaps Betty can direct me to a good source for real facts for her observations. 

Aran Dokovna 


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