Arthur Saginian | COVID Comparison Doesn’t Ring True

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Letters to the Editor
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In his column Dec. 24, David M. Shribman compared the COVID-19 pandemic to World War II, and essentially compared the virus itself to Adolph Hitler and Nazi Germany, while trying to make the rest of us feel guilty for not even coming close to sacrificing our conveniences to beat this pandemic the way Americans did to win World War II back in 1943. OK, Mr. Shribman, I can understand and even appreciate the basis of your plea, but comparing today to those days is not, I repeat NOT, the way to do it. And the statements he makes to belittle us, good Lord. Shame on you, Mr. Shribman.

For instance, since we are so intolerant of being inconvenienced we “thus defy scientific expertise and governmental authority.” Really, Mr. Shribman? Are you kidding me? Scientific expertise and governmental authority? Well, if they are such experts and authorities on anything then why do they have such a big problem with doing something as basic as keeping their stories straight? There are more “variants” to what we have been told about this pandemic and what to do about it than there will ever be of the virus itself, and that’s not an exaggeration. The politics of it alone is mind-numbing, and the seeming incompetence is a story unto itself. 

And then he throws in these little zingers from days gone by, statements like, “Are you loyally and cheerfully cooperating with your government…?” LOL! That was rich. I don’t know, Mr. Shribman, is our government loyally and cheerfully cooperating with its own mandates during these times of dire need for personal sacrifice? And it might be for reasons like that, that Americans today do not “stand ready to accept any inconvenience or make any sacrifice” because we don’t see our own leaders doing it. So whose example are we to follow? Well, Mr. Shribman? Please answer me that.

This COVID pandemic is not a World War, Mr. Shribman, and it is evident that our governments are not treating it like one, so why should we? Furthermore, you’re going to lose potential listeners like me if you go about comparing things in such a ridiculous manner, and this column was ridiculous.

Arthur Saginian

Santa Clarita

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