Charles Yacoobian | Whose Voting Rights Are Threatened?

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I am writing in response to Lois Eisenberg’s Feb. 2 letter entitled “Killing the Dream of Voting Rights.” As usual, Lois regurgitates the Democrat talking points and makes grandiose statements without supporting her hyperbole with specific points that cause her to be so upset. She says, “This right to vote is going to be taken away from many Americans.” OK, Lois, I have an open mind, please educate me. What specific steps are being taken by those dastardly Republicans to take away a person’s right to vote? 

Furthermore, Lois goes on to claim, “The destiny of America’s democracy is hanging in the balance due to those who oppose the Freedom to Vote Act.” 

OK, Lois, educate me. Are any of the reasons “those who oppose the Freedom to Vote Act” valid or are all these mindless objections to what is in the bill? The devil is in the details, Lois, so please consider that those who oppose the bill have valid, well-thought positions and not some sinister reason for objecting to the bill. 

Charles Yacoobian 


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