Rick Barker | Horton Going in Leftward Circles

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Gary Horton’s article on Jan. 26 proves once again that he has yet to accept the fact that when one continues the practice of going “Full Speed to Port,” as his tagline suggests, one never moves forward and just stays in the same place going in monotonous circles, which I must admit does pretty accurately describe Mr. Horton’s ramblings.

As I have previously pointed out on here, to the best of my knowledge Mr. Horton has NEVER met or even submitted a communication to his elected Rep. Mike Garcia, who he seems to have problems with. Personally, if I had a problem with one of my elected representatives I would contact them to voice that complaint directly to them and not in snide, backhanded and VERY uninformed articles in a newspaper or website.

As twice-defeated Christy Smith did in a leaked conference call to her people, Mr. Horton also makes a lame, ignorant and very thinly veiled attempt to deride Rep. Garcia’s former career as a naval aviator and Iraq combat veteran. 

I would respectfully make two suggestions to Mr. Horton:

1. Turn the wheel or move the rudder (whichever one applies to his pretend little boat) and stop going “Full Speed to Port” in circles!

2. Have the decency and class to actually contact Rep. Garcia and voice his concerns with him in person like rational adults do instead of just sniping at him from behind a keyboard like a spoiled brat on a social media site.

Rick Barker


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