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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Editor’s note: A portion of the following letter was previously published, and is being republished today because a large portion of it was omitted due to an editing error.

Ms. Eisenberg’s (Feb. 2) piece on “Killing the Dream of Voting Rights” shows the typical liberal hate for this country and it also points out the absolute brilliance of our founding documents and form of government. As I have pointed out previously, this is a country of individual states and that which is not directly assigned to the federal government is reserved to those individual states under the 10th Amendment: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” The 14th Amendment put in place certain protections against abuses by the states by imposing the individual protection of rights found in the first 10 amendments (The Bill of Rights) to ALL citizens no matter their race.

And now that I’ve if pissed off the left, I’ll go about pissing off the right. The system we now have in place where the individual states rather than the federal government decide the procedures for voting is one of the best safeguards against any nationwide organized “hacking” of the process. I doubt that we have ever had an election anywhere in the country where a certain degree of voting fraud has not taken place. It’s just human nature, but despite all the “theories” out there I have yet to see any verifiable actual evidence that the last presidential election was hacked, putting the loser of the election in office.

There is very ample and current evidence that the current occupant of the White House is a “loser” of gigantic proportions but that’s just personally, not legally!

If you want widespread fraud and screwups to take place, put the federal government in charge of doing something, and anyone who disagrees with that hasn’t been paying much attention over the years because it’s ALWAYS been that way.

I’m 74 years old and have lived in very ethnically and racially diverse cities and neighborhoods around the country for my entire life and I personally have NEVER known an adult who didn’t have some form of government-issued identification, and nowadays you can hardly do anything without being asked to show some form of ID.

Do Ms. Eisenberg and her liberal buddies make the absurd claim that certain minority groups are incapable of getting some form of government-issued ID? Call me silly, but I assume that ALL people no matter what their nationality or race have the knowledge and ability to do that. I don’t know how much time, if any, Ms. Eisenberg has spent in Mexico, but you can’t hardly go anywhere or do anything without showing your ID to someone, and all Mexican citizens have government-issued ID’s that they have to show in order to vote. Same is true for pretty much all Latin American countries. 

And excuse me again, but isn’t it pretty damned racist to say that certain minorities can’t be expected to know how to get a government-issued ID? White people with room-temperature IQ’s can figure it out but minorities can’t?

And if I have to show an ID to open a checking account or cash a check, I don’t think it’s un-American or racist to ask that I show one to vote for people and issues that have a direct impact on the amount of money I have in that checking account.

It makes one wonder what is truly behind the Democrats’/liberals’ push to federalize our elections and put a bunch of unelected D.C. hacks in control of it.

Rick Barker


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