Rob Kerchner | Following the Bureaucrats

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Ah, bureaucrats. They said masks weren’t necessary, and then they were, and then they weren’t necessary for the vaccinated, and now they are. Cloth masks were great, now they aren’t. Vaccines were never going to be mandated, and now they are, and those who were vaccinated didn’t spread it, and now they do. Vaccines were more effective than natural recovered immunity, until later it was determined that they were not. 

Vaccines were as effective against Delta as they were against Alpha, and were as effective against Omicron as they were against Delta. Dots on the floor, cover your face on the way to your table. Walmart’s OK but small stores are not. Close the playground and the beach. Derp! Derp! Derp!

Meanwhile, we’re obsessing over a germ with (an approximately 98-99%) recovery rate and an (approximately) 80-year average age for the tiny percentage who succumb — and that’s before vaccines and therapeutics and the even milder omicron variant. Yet people still follow the bureaucrat contradictions like lemmings.

And that is perhaps the most ridiculous thing of all.

Rob Kerchner

Santa Clarita

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