Ronald Perry | My Taxes Feel Futile

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Why am I paying taxes? Everything I want my taxes to do is being ignored!

I want closed borders; fully funded police; laws that are enforced; criminals who are appropriately punished; lower gas prices; fewer mandates; groceries that are affordable; politicians who understand that they work for us, not for their own greed!

Instead we are told that this inflation is temporary; that criminals just need a little leniency; that we don’t need a police force; that we have to accept every person who crosses the border ILLEGALLY; that we don’t need a pipeline that would give us cheaper gas prices; that we can’t think for ourselves and we need a bunch of “Good old boy” crooked politicians to think for us.

So why am I paying taxes? I guess because from the bottom of my heart, I believe some of our new leadership, like Mike Garcia and Suzette Valladares as our representatives in federal and state government, along with a few young representatives across the aisle, will see what we as taxpaying citizens in this country really want. We want our country back!

Or maybe I am just old and believe in obeying the law! 

Ronald Perry 

Canyon Country

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