Sid Danielson | Which Factors to Consider in Hiring

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

As a former employer (now retired), when considering hiring a new employee my retirements were ALWAYS in the following order. One, character. Two, qualifications for the position. Three, previous job experience. Four, will this person be able to fit in with existing employees? 

NEVER did it ever occur to me that race or gender or age could be a determining factor! 

I didn’t care if the candidate was brown, Black, yellow, white, or green with orange stripes and pink polka dots, as long as they were the most qualified for the position! 

As a understand the hiring laws it’s illegal to discriminate based on racial preferences, age, or sex, but ONLY select on the most qualified for the position. 

So based on my admitted limited understanding of the law, how can our esteemed president discriminate when it comes to nominating a Supreme Court justice? Shouldn’t we demand that the most qualified candidate be selected for such an important position? 

Sid Danielson 


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