Thomas Oatway | Anti-Vaxxers Endangering Children

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

The vaccination rate for children 5-11 hovers at about 25%. Some parents who do not provide vaccination to their kids are risking their health and in some cases, their lives. This despite the fact that the vaccination rate for the general population is about 67%. Why would a parent get a shot for themselves and not their children, who they are obligated to protect?

Some anti-vaxxers are out there saying that children are not at significant risk for COVID-19. This is false. The hospitalization rate for children in the omicron surge has increased from 1.6% to 6%. All children who attend school are mandated to get vaccinated for measles, etc. What is the difference? 

There are MAGA Republican candidates for statewide offices who insist that the vaccines are experimental and untested. This is ludicrous. The fact that a billion humans have had their shots, without significant adverse effects, makes that argument folly. Others say the vaccines are ineffective because they do not protect 100% against sickness. Yes, there are infections of a small minority who get vaccinated, but they are in almost all cases not resulting in serious illness. Compare that to those who are hospitalized and die, who are unvaccinated. Even the ex-president encourages vaccination and boosting. What is wrong with his followers?

I have been forced to conclude anti-vaxxers are selfish, ignorant, irresponsible and unpatriotic. This pandemic has hurt everyone. It will be with us forever unless they wake up, or are mandated. I vote for mandates.

Thomas Oatway


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