Bill Lyons | Biden and the New American Ethic

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

President Joe Biden wants the rich to pay their fair share, rich defined as the wealthiest 20,000 households. 

Good plan — the Democrats lose maybe 50,000 votes while the remaining 329,500,000 Americans cheer and vote blue. 

But what is fair? 

In the grocery store I expect to pay the same as everyone for a sack of potatoes. That’s fair. Gas taxes pay for road construction and maintenance, so those who drive more pay more. Sounds fair. 

Discrimination based on race and religion is illegal, but what’s the rationale about picking on the wealthy? Their money doesn’t belong to others — it’s theirs. Are we to become a nation of thugs who rob people of their earnings? (I know, we already are.)

More taxes, more government control — that’s our mantra. The word “earn” has been replaced by the word “entitled.” 

Sadly, Biden reflects the new American ethic.

Bill Lyons

Santa Clarita 

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