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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I am writing this because of my confusion as to why election fraud is not being considered the No. 1 problem that needs to be addressed by our representatives. 

Representatives from many other states are pushing for audits of the 2020 election. Actually, the “fraud” probably goes back a lot further than that, no matter who won. Electronic ballots were the “death” of honest elections in our country. Yet, very few in our government seem to be addressing this issue. 

 Even HR 322, the Save Democracy Act, which was introduced in January 2021 and co-sponsored by our congressman, Rep. Mike Garcia, in March 2021, does not have anything in it to go back to paper ballots. That is what is missing from that bill. 

Other than that MAJOR missing component, it is a great bill. Probably should also add: 

• Must be a legal citizen of the United States. 

• Must live in county they are voting in. 

That said, I am not finding any indication of this bill being pursued after March. Please correct me if I am wrong. The one person I see pushing hardest for ballot reform is Kevin Kiley (who, thank God, is running against Gavin Newsom in 2022). 

He is against the electronic ballot, Dominion and all other electronic ballot machine manufacturers. The machines are so open for fraud on a grand scale. 

Look Kiley up on Instagram. You will be so enlightened as to how much he pushes for what the majority of his constituents want. I’m not just talking conservatives. I am talking all parties, including independents. 

I was an observer in the Newsom recall election. I, along with my fellow observers, witnessed so much possible fraud it made us sick to our stomachs. 

We sent our statements, pictures, videos to many. Supposedly court cases were being pursued. Our state is neither Blue nor Red! It’s FED UP! 

Can we, at least, do a recount of Santa Clarita 2020 and/or Newsom recall? We ALL need to wake up. 

Also: Start going to City Council and school board meetings. If you can’t go in person, you can watch most of them live on your computer, iPad or cell phone. Get involved in your community and the decisions made by these folks. They work for US, supposedly. 

Diane Zimmerman

Santa Clarita

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