Diane Zimmerman | Ignored by L.A. County

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I decided that, since I did not get an opportunity to speak at this meeting, I would send what I would have said off to The Signal. 

L.A. County Board of Supervisors meeting, March 15, 9:30 a.m. — on HOLD to speak. Disconnected 11:10 a.m. On hold again. Never got to speak.  

Opposition to Item 10: Opening of Camps Scott and Kilpatrick. 

Both facilities have very bad track records and they were housing juveniles who were considered non-violent. Look what happened with that. Take the court case of the 19-plus women going on now. 

Placing youths who are incarcerated for major criminal activity in locations so near family homes is just asking for trouble. The escape-ability of previously “non-violent” offenders speaks for itself 

Get our schools back to teaching the basics — reading, writing, math, learning how to lose and work harder to win. Let the parents teach the morals, etc.  

Quit making it so easy for kids to just slide by and be made to feel it’s OK not to work hard for what they want. 

As per Santa Clarita Councilwoman Marsha McClean and Mayor Laurene Weste, check out the Barry J. Nidorf Juvenile Hall more thoroughly. 

STOP trying to have the schools do the parents’ jobs. There are plenty of non-government programs that can help parents help their kids. Most teachers  do not have psychology licenses, etc. 

The best way to help our youth is to get the government OUT of their education. No more indoctrination. Get rid of teachers’ unions and let teachers teach again. MOST teachers would be doing a fabulous job if unions were dissolved.  

Kids commit crimes and go to jail because they have no self-respect due to the fact that they are not pushed to learn the basics. They are being pushed ahead so they don’t feel bad. They end up not being able to read, etc., and can’t get jobs because of that. Therefore they go to a life of crime.  

This is happening with all these kids. It has nothing to do with race.  

Go to school choice so parents, no matter what their income, will be able to have their children educated and greatly decrease the need for these facilities. Quit the Marxist indoctrination of our children. 

I urge everyone, no matter what their “politics,” to find a way to watch the movie “Whose Children Are They?” This amazing movie needs to be seen by every parent, grandparent, anyone over 18 and even those under 18 (if their parents, not the government schools, think it appropriate). 

P.S. Interesting that I know of a lot of people speaking against item No. 10 were not heard and a whole bunch of pro-No. 10 were heard. Amazing how so many pro were in line ahead of MOST of the rest of us, most of whom were on hold approximately the same amount of time as I was. Many were “accidentally” disconnected, as I was.  

Diane Zimmerman  

Santa Clarita

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